Quintuplets Turn 1 Month…We have some BABIES!

Since the quintuplet’s birth, our life has been a complete whirlwind! Michael and I have been settling the rental house as fast as we could from our cross country move two days before they were born! I could barely move my legs from the 40 lbs of fluid gained in the four days before they were born! Thanks to sudden pulmonary edema they had to deliver them early at 31 weeks 1 day instead of our scheduled csection date at 34 weeks 1 day.  Even still, I am so grateful Dr. John Elliott and Banner Good Samaritan Hospital could keep them baking over 4 weeks longer than the average gestation for a quintuplet birth!  Michael was a rock during this time since he helped me lift my legs, settle the house, drive me to NICU, and still check in at his new unit! I tried to heal and got a cold as soon as I was discharged!  He officially went back to work when I was 10 days postpartum! I was alone and quickly got use to my role as Mom to 6 kids! I started driving myself back and forth to the NICU (an hour away), almost daily to hold and care for my precious babies and to deliver fresh breastmilk! To establish the oversupply needed to try to breastfeed 5 babies, I wore my pump like a backpack with an extension cord on low. I would then increase the speed periodically every hour to cause more letdowns! It worked and I gave them only fortified breast milk for their first 12 weeks! After that, I had to start supplementing. However, at least half of every feed for all of them was my breastmilk from weeks 12-12 months! Yes, it was very hard but so worth it!

Now, on to the updates that happened this month!

  • The quintuplets by two weeks old ALL were off of ventilators, oxygen and on room air!
  • They all had IV nutrition at first, but love Mommy’s pumped breast milk now through NG tubes!
  • They have all been practicing actually nursing/breast feeding too! Briella and Delilah are always in competition with each other! The winner for first baby to successfully nurse…Briella!
  • All babies had Jaundice but are now off Bilirubin lights!
  • I learned their are no discounts for buying many birth certificates! So $200 later we have birth certificates for the quints!
  • I lost 75 lbs in the first 13 days postpartum!
  • I had a weird rash and allergic reaction from the 8 weeks of continuous magnesium sulfate that kept preterm labor away. The rash was from my body trying to get rid of it as quickly as possible postpartum.
  • The caffeine drip given to the quints to help them remember to breath officially stopped at 3 weeks old!
  • All babies have heart murmurs, brady spells where they stop breathing, and a list of things that they have to be able to do before discharge is considered!
  • All babies passed their hearing and vision tests!
  • Michael’s Mom from GA came to visit and brought Conner to meet the Babies! Unfortunately, she left the day before they were starting to be discharged from the hospital!

Aurora’s had the first heart murmur that closed at 3 weeks old! Aurora still lives up to her nickname, “Squeakers”. I think we have a chatter box! It is so precious! Aurora loved the warmth of the bilirubin lights! She loved sunbathing in it and breaking apart her blanket nest for comfort.


Briella mastered a bottle feeding first at 2 weeks old! When Mommy is not available to nurse her, she drinks an entire ounce of pumped breast milk at 3 weeks old! Briella came home and enjoyed being an only child for 2 days! Although, she did travel to the NICU to see the others daily! Welcome Home Briella at 28 days old!


Delilah eats an entire 1 once bottle of pumped breast milk too when Mommy can’t nurse her at 2 weeks old! She is our wiggly baby!  Mommy went to pick Delilah up to come home at 28 days old since they thought she was ready! By the time Mom got to the hospital, she had a Brady spell so had to stay additional days! However, they surprised us and Briella came home instead that day at 28 days old! Delilah was the first baby to reach 5 lbs!


Elias is going to start learning how to suck, swallow, and breath at 3 weeks old. We just started introducing it! Elias was finally held by Mom when he was 3 weeks old! Due to his ventilator type required (more extensive than the girls), and having to fight off Dad and Conner, Mommy was finally able to hold him!


Felicity is so small looking compared to the others. She started breastfeeding/bottle feeding at 3 weeks old. She has been the diva since birth! When she lost initial weight after birth, she was the first to reach into the 2 lb range. Mom was a nervous wreck holding her! However, she love to cuddle! She hates diaper changes and after bath time since it gets chilly for a minute.


Conner is in awe of being a big brother! He loves all of the babies. However, he is drawn to Elias since he is the boy! He is loving setting up his new room, playing at the playground in our neighborhood, and the 110+ degree weather in AZ! His favorite task is feeding bottles to the babies! He also loves running errands with Mom and that he just was signed up for his new school and more sports!


Bringing home Briella!


Our First Family picture! This photo took so much work with all of the nurses helping because of monitors, was unexpected since Mom wasn’t cute, but is one of all of our favorite pictures!

20140707_155321 (2).jpg

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