The quints turn 2 months old!

 I honestly haven’t known if I was coming or going this month but here we suddenly find ourselves, on August 13, 2014, celebrating these cuties! Conner is registered to his new school. Sunset Hills Elementary get ready he is so excited to start 3rd grade and meet some new friends in AZ this Fall. I have also signed Conner up to start playing soccer and baseball. He has always played in many sports and it is super important for us to keep his life the same in as many ways as possible. Adding 5 babies to our family at once makes this challenging but he should not have to sacrifice totally just because he is a super big brother. We have been working to get totally settled into our rental house before all of the quints get discharged. It is really coming together! Michael is really loving working at his new unit and has made a lot of friends quickly. I am pretty much healed up and my weight loss is subsiding. I am really trying to be mindful of the quality of foods I am consuming. I have had to relearn to like healthy foods since all I ate on hospital bedrest was high calorie, high protein foods. 7000 calories a day off healthy foods would have been impossible. At the same time, I am pumping, pumping, pumping for babies when at home to bring in enough milk. Yes, I am still able to keep up breastfeeding all of the babies! I don’t know how long I can but want to give it my all. I am nursing too. It is a work in progress to full get them to nurse since they had to “eat” by IV, NG tubes, and bottles at first so we have to train them. We can easily all identify their different cries of what they want and who it is! Now that I am healed mainly, I have been starting to staying in the NICU at night to get use to taking care of five continuously, help them continue to master bottle/breastfeeding, learn tricks for preemie care, and pumping too. I sleep on the little couch in one room for about 20 mins increments but it is amazing to be by my babies. I head home before Michael leaves for work and bring back  with Conner and the discharged babies during the day. We only missed a few days when I got a cold (yes, even during 100+ degree weather in AZ) since those germs could be deadly to the babies. Daddy drove and spent time with them after work and it pained me to only be able to call to check on them.  I am grateful to know they are in such amazing NICU staff’s hands though. They love them like family and I could not have asked for more! I think my body was just in shock to be out of my cozy hospital room I just spent 75 days inside.

We are also thankful…we made it through our first monsoon and dust storm “haboob” as the AZ people call it last night! It was a memorable adventure with a house full of 4 “haboob” rookies!

We are also celebrating the babies healing, growing rapidly, and only having positive outcomes so far with their development! Keep it up babies!! We are so proud of you already !

Aurora, and Felicity home 30 days old 7-15-2014.jpg

Aurora and Felicity came home at 30 days old on 7-11-2014! They loved being home with Briella. Pictured left to right- Aurora, Briella, and Felicity.

Aurora, and Felicity come home 30 days old 7-15-2014 (6).jpg

Conner is in awe of his new siblings!

Briella 7-15-2014.jpg

Briella Bryleigh, is still swimming in preemie size clothing! She has loved being the first baby to come home at 28 days old (exactly 35 weeks gestation)!

Delilah 7-4-2014 1st to get rid of feeding tubes.jpg

7-7-2014- Delilah Daphney is the first quintuplet to get rid of her NG feeding tube on! Our Baby A is the overachiever and is currently 4lbs11oz at 34w4d gestational age. She was the largest at birth and weighed 3 lbs 11 oz. We mainly store all the quints things in her room so she is the head quarters for everything.  She only needs to pass a head ultrasound, car seat test, hearing test, and maintain her weight and we could be heading home in 48 hours!

Delilah Welcome Home 7-18-2014 (2).jpg7-18-2014- Welcome home baby Delilah today! The babies are 5 weeks old (36 weeks gestation) today! Delilah is weighing 5 lbs 8oz as of today! All 4 girls love being at home and are doing great! The girls are just over achievers! Having four babies at home is not too bad and we’re loving it all. We are totally lucky to have four healthy babies at home and one coming home soon .They are doing great! I was told if I had made it to the scheduled csection on July 4, 2014. They would have been most likely heading home with me when I got discharged! That’s a scary thought though since I had a double incision csection (upside down T) and lots of bedrest left me weak from loss of muscle. I’m healed now and ready for them though 🙂. Bring on the babies!

7-20-2014 We were asked how the adjustment has been since having 4 babies home, 1 baby in NICU, and 1 great big brother at home! My response, “One baby home=very easy, three babies home=easy, four babies home= no sleep and exhausting! We feed everybody every three hours and that takes about 2.5 hours to accomplish with pumping. Hello, 30 mins of sleep and chore time between feedings. With just moving to AZ, we haven’t met many people so it’s just been Michael and myself taking care of them 24/7. He goes to work for 50+ hours a week. We look like zombies haha. Luckily, family is coming out at different points for a week here and there and they will slowly start sleeping longer someday 🙂. Good thing they’re cute!” Milk for a day for the 4 girls 7-20-14.jpgPumped breast milk for just the 4 girls for 1 day! I froze Elias’ pumped milk immediately so it lasted him longer when I brought it to the NICU.


Girls 7-20-14.jpg

Shh…Princesses sleeping. They all hated their feet covered up with the sleep sacks and kicked them off. Pictured Left to right- Felicity, Delilah, Briella, and Aurora.

Elias 7-30-14.jpg

7-30-2014- Elias is the last quint in NICU and he has had a rough time learning to eat and has severe bradycardia spells. He had his feeding tube removed previously; however, they had to reinsert it since he was dropping weight and had too many bradycardia spells while eating. He has a lot of healing to do and has to deal with anesthesia for the first time. He is currently 6 weeks old (37 weeks gestation) and weighs 5 lbs 10 oz. The girls currently all weigh between 6lbs 4oz and 6 lbs 9 oz. Elias is up to taking half of his feeds by bottle and the rest by an NG tube. He hopefully will start taking all of his feeds by bottle soon. He is acting like a “normal” 37 weeker.  The girls are just way ahead of what is expected. They think it’ll be a little bit before Elias comes home since he had another dip in his heart rate (Bradycardia spell) and is still working on the bottle concept. We can’t wait for him to get home. I think he just likes the quiet away from the sisters and having nurses all to himself. He has had 4 surgeries since birth. It is scary since he is only 3-5 lbs when these surgeries happened, Michael takes leave from work to stay home with the girls, and I sit at the hospital alone anxiously awaiting before, during, and after the procedure. He struggled coming off the anesthesia with the last surgery, required a lot of assistance to revive him, and almost went back on a ventilator. Times like these, I wish I had family close just to be a support while there but I am proud of Michael and me for keeping everything running with so many children.


Thank you for all the prayers and following our adventure!

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