“Disney World- Here we come!” – Day 2 of our vacation!


We started day 2 of our Florida adventure early! We loaded the van and left the rental house by 7 to be at Magic Kingdom as soon as it opened. The kids were so excited since they were heading to, “Mickey’s house”!


Monorail or boat?!? Which one should we take to Disney? We wen with the boat since it looked cool and had a shorter line. We were the first people in line and quickly became the main attraction on the boat. The kids loved being on the water. No tears at all from these adventure seekers!


We may have gotten there a little too early. Here is Daddy and the crew waiting to head into the park. The monorail and train kept going by us and the kids were so excited! We even met up with Aurora’s Godparents and some of of our closest friends!


We were not sure how much the kids would love rides since they all have various sensory issues and are two year old toddlers. They have gotten so much better from their therapies but still occasionally have quirks. The quints LOVED most of the rides! Dumbo and the train were the crowd favorites though.


Conner hates roller coasters. However, Daddy and him had a lot of fun going on Goofy’s ride!


Have no fear, we frequently hydrated, fed, and sun blocked everybody! With 96 degree+ weather, we wanted everybody to stay healthy and happy!


The kids walked until all of their legs couldn’t anymore. Thankfully, we had two Joovy Big Caboose strollers to have them ride when needed. They were a life saver this trip! They are so light and fold easily when needed for rides like the train ride.


By the end of the day, we all were tired! Felicity says it best in this picture. She even fell asleep in the van before we left the parking spot! All seven kids, fell asleep before we got out of the parking lot five minutes later. Maybe, we should do Disney more often!


Elias did so amazing with everything and was exhausted at the end of the day!

Check out our full Magic Kingdom vlog here:


Check out the quick highlights from our Magic Kingdom adventure here:


Michael and I had a few moments after the kids went to bed to have an impromptu date :). When this is where you end up and consider a date, you know you are officially a grownup!



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