Rainforest Cafe, Disney Springs, The Fun Spot, and Conner’s Big Surprise! -Day 3 of our Florida adventures!

Day number 3, of our Florida adventures, was so much fun! We were busy all day and it was amazing to see all of the kids so excited as they experienced firsts and surprises!


Our first adventure today led us to Disney Springs. It is basically a part of Disney that has little shops, gorgeous water fountains, restaurants, and rides all with a Disney and family theme. We headed straight for The Rainforest Cafe since we wanted to be there as soon as it opened. This was the first restaurant Daddy has come with us to since they were about a year old. He gets nervous at restaurants with the kids, since he wants our table and others to enjoy their meal and kids are so unpredictable. I know from experience that these kids are rock stars at restaurants. They usually listen, stay in their seats, no booster seats/highchairs needed (besides Gideon), make minimal mess, help clean up, and most importantly have fun! I was a little nervous for this restaurant since there are so many different sensory things happening but hoped they enjoyed it.


The kids did not mind waiting at all since there were so many things to look at and label. Colors, numbers, animals, animal sounds, were coming out of all of the kids mouths constantly. They were in awe!


One happy family!


The only ones who didn’t love everything was Gideon and Elias. Elias’ did not like the random “thunderstorms” and we covered his ears in my lap until the 15 secs passed. Gideon did not like the big Gorilla next to us moving during the storms.


With super full tummies, we all headed to walk around! The kids had cute little back pack leashes, and Gideon rode in style in a single stroller.  We bought it that morning since we forgot a single one. They could not decide what we should do first. With 5+ little opinions, them all agreeing on things is getting harder. Next up, window shopped till we dropped! The kids each picked out one item along the way! 20170528_133648(0).jpg

Choo-Choo! The girls loved the train! Elias…not so much.


Eagerly anticipating, our first carousel ride!


Conner really wanted to go go-karting. So we found went on a Mom, Dad, and Conner date as the quints and Gideon napped with Grandma!


With Conner everything is a competition! Game on little one…


Rides, rides, and more rides! They totally destroyed me on go karts. My go-kart stalled going up an incline. Back to eating healthy and the gym, I go!


First arcade game of the day is of course basketball! Conner played at the arcade for the next two hours! He used his tickets for an Eagles Pennant for his room, a torpedo for swimming, and a bunch of other things!


Conner was most surprised to see “Uncle Terry” his Godfather and are closest friend. He flew in on leave to hang out and arrived at the fun park straight from the airport, just as we finished up at the arcade.


Did we mention, Terry’s parent’s, are Aurora’s God Parents too. So we hung out with everybody for the rest of the day and went to dinner. Conner could NOT stop smiling! Yes, he won a basketball with his skills! That was the cherry on top for our family filled day!

Check out the full VLOG of the day here:


Check out the quick GoPro highlights of the day here:


Check out the quints getting pampered for the day here and Briella being goofy!



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