5 TODDLERS BOATING to an ISLAND! Day 5 of our Florida Vacation!

Day 5 of our Florida vacation proved to be just as busy but amazing with making memories! We went boating and spent the day with close friends that have become family over the years! How special is that?

We try to NEVER use the excuse of “hey, we have 5 babies the same age + Conner!” or now as things have changed “hey, we have 6 toddlers + Conner!” to hinder our life. When we first found out about the quints, one of the sudden realities is that life changes in every way. I am proud that just because we have so many little ones we don’t let it stop our adventures or life. We take each day as it comes, make the most of it, and we get stronger when life gets tough. We are blessed, happy, and wouldn’t want our life any different.  We could take the “easy” way out so many times especially with limited help, so many kids, military life, and a husband that is gone a lot. However, we would miss out on so many fun, family times. No excuses, just memories as we guide 7 little people on their journey to becoming amazing, productive adults and citizens! We are so proud of these little ones!

20170530_100244 (2).jpg

Ahoy, Mate! Have you ever seen a more adorable bunch of explorers?


Getting ready for the boat. Sunscreen- check, life vest- check, hats…in progress. Elias’ jumped ship already I think. Boys!


All of the kids loved channeling our way to the ocean. Felicity was proud she did not lose her hat! Dad was proud he didn’t lose Felicity :).


Elias loved helping and learning how to drive a boat.


The water is stunning! Anybody who knows me knows, I love the beach and water!


Uncle Terry kept Delilah nice and close as she day dreamed.


Briella and Aurora hung out with Mommy as they embraced the beauty.

20170530_104318 (2).jpg

They all loved the water. However, Delilah was our water adventure toddler!



Seashells, water, buckets, and sand…life doesn’t get much better!

DSC_0220 (2).jpg

Except, maybe when you have a hammock, family, friends, and an island!

20170530_112038 (2).jpg

I was so proud of all of the children and how well they did with everything this trip. Elias really amazed me with trying so many things today! He didn’t let fear or too much sensory input stop him! It made my heart so happy to watch him enjoy life to the fullest with everybody.


Both Uncle Terry and Conner were wore out from basking in the sun all day!


Aurora holding her prized possessions of the day…clams, crabs, and seashells.


Everybody had a long but amazing day! Gideon stayed home with Grandma for safety reasons. Also, Grandma sunburns really easy so we did not want to chance it. They had fun poolside and relaxing after our busy few days!

Our full day Boating/Island VLOG is here:

Find the fast GoPro video of our Boating day here:




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