SeaWorld, Swimming, and Mommy/Grandma Date-Night- Day 4 of our Florida Adventures!

Day 4 of our vacation led us to SeaWorld. This was the part of the vacation Grandma requested and we are glad she did!

Michael went for a run at 430 am and I went for some lap swimming before the little ones woke up. Michael jumped in the pool after his run, for lap swimming, as Grandma and I started getting the kids breakfast and dressed. We all maximized the usage of the pool luxury this trip!


It was another bright and early start for us. Thankfully, with Michael’s career we are always up early s getting out the door with everybody by 7 am is manageable!


Fish, sharks, and stingrays swam everywhere even over our heads!


Conner swam with fish…sort of ;).



Everybody loved all of the shows! We tried to make it to them all! Conner’s favorite was the sea lion show. Mommy’s favorite was the dolphin show. The quint’s favorite was the dog/cat/rat/bird show. Gideon, Grandma, and Dad couldn’t choose a favorite since they enjoyed them all.


Antarctica, are you ready for all of this? The kids loved that their Joovy Water Penguin sippy cups matched the animals they saw! They kept yelling, “Same, Penguin bird”.



Conner was brave enough to go down the Atlantis ride with Dad! He even said it was fun afterward! This is a huge step since he does not like most rides!



Snack-time, lunch time, sun block, and re-hydrating everybody was a must all day with the 100+ degree weather!

20170529_120626 (2).jpg

Walking around between attractions and rides helped tire these little ones out.  Here we are waiting for the dog/cat/rat/bird show. This was the quints favorite show!


Shamu, we are waiting on you patiently!


Petting sharks!


Heading back to the rental house for a much needed nap!


Family swim time after our nap! We found out our double float had a slow leak in it. Daddy’s hot air sure came in handy to make sure it stayed a float :). Thankfully, the kids all start swim lessons in a couple of weeks so we don’t mind getting rid of it after the trip!

20170529_174155 (2).jpg

The mischievous little ones all figured out how to use water guns! They loved squirting Conner!

20170529_202434.jpg20170529_214354.jpg20170529_211938 (2).jpg

After the kids were tucked into bed, Grandma and Mom headed out for a Mommy-daughter date! Conner and Daddy stayed back for a guy’s movie night at home. We do not get to do Mommy-daughter dates often so it was extra special. We headed back to Disney Springs, looked around stores more, watched a band on the lake, and found a fun place for dinner. Morimoto Asia was very delicious! We thought the decor and overall vibe was so fun!

Here is the full VLOG of Seaworld and all of the things we did on Day 4 of our Florida vacation:


Here is the Fast Video of our Day 4 Florida vacation adventures:



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