Conner turns 11 years old and has an incredible birthday party!

Conner is the best big brother ever! It is not easy to be an only child for 7 years and suddenly have 5 little siblings. Add in another baby brother 20 months after the quints and you become a super, big brother! Conner has moved so many times and Dad/Mom have been gone a lot with the military. He has adapted really well though and even thrived with all the special circumstance life has brought him. Conner is a perfectionist, shy, sportsaholic, caring, intelligent, lovable, and humerus young man.  We could never imagine our life without our sweet Conner. We love watching him participate and enjoy basketball, soccer, baseball, and swimming. He keeps us busy since he is in one if not more of these sports at all times depending on the season. The little kids are his biggest cheerleaders at practices and games. They want to be just like him! You’ll often find him reading The Hardy Boys and other books. The quints love when he reads out loud to them too. It’s a treat!

Conner Clayton was born at 12:10 am on 6-27-2006. He was born at exactly 39 weeks, and weighed 7 lbs 4 oz.  He was born after only 10 mins of pushing and had a nuchal cord (umbilical cord wrapped around his neck). We are so glad that that everything was okay though and that he is here to continuously brighten all of our lives.

This year, Conner’s birthday celebrations spread over the course of a couple of weeks! Grandma watched the little kids so Michael, Conner, and I could take Conner to Hibachi. Hibachi is a birthday tradition for him. We went earlier than his birthday since Dad was scheduled to be out of town on his birthday with work. However, at the last minute the dates were changed! Conner was excited Dad could be here for his main birthday celebration weekend! Here is what we did:


Friday night, we headed for another early birthday dinner. This time we went to he Sundial in Atlanta.  It is a restaurant with a 360 degree view of the city. It normally revolves as you eat but was not working so it was a little bit of a bummer but still fun. We are grateful Miss Stephanie could watch the little ones so we could go. We do a lot of things as a complete family but love spending one on one time with each of our children too.


Conner’s first time in a glass elevator! He was mesmerized. This was also the fanciest restaurant he had ever ate dinner.




IMG_1670 (2).JPG

Conner had so much fun eating and walking around looking out at the city. I think we were all waddling around looking through the telescopes from all the exquisite food.


Saturday, was Conner’s main party day! We went to a bowling, arcade, laser tag, laser maze, pizza, and more fun center. Conner’s buddies and him all hung out and made everything a competition. We had a parents bowling lane vs kids. I think our lane was more fun although the kids beat us! We ended up being there for 5 hours of fun and the kids checked out everywhere in the fun center!


We still look cute sometimes ;).

IMG_1765 (2).JPG

^^^This! I have not seen Conner smile and giggle so much in years! All he really wanted for his birthday this year was hanging out with friends. I am so glad it came together and he could just fully be a care free kid. He also wanted a week of no chores so that is part of our gift to him lol.


2 rounds of laser tag later….


Conner did not want a cake, cheesecake, or ice cream cake this year. He wanted a rip to Coldstone where everybody could pick out there own thing. The boys sat on one end of the ice cream shop and parents sat on the other side a few tables down since we are borderline uncool. Michael waned to sit with them but got ditched haha.


Within 10 minutes of being home, I knew I was officially outnumbered by boys! Seats half, seats half down, toilet paper everywhere…I almost left Eli’s box of Cheerios there for aiming practice for everybody ;). I declared this the boys only bathroom for the night.

IMG_1802 (2).JPG

The boys stayed up late playing Xbox, board games, Nerf Wars around the house, and watching movies. The quints and Gideon wake up early so I tried to keep them quiet in my room for awhile. That is hard!


So much breakfast! They had a 10 lb fruit salad and yogurt too! Conner had requested both orange and cream cheese cinnamon rolls.


Dad had set up two tvs and multiple Xbox’s in the same room so everybody could play together at once. It is a boy thing that I don’t get. However, they had a blast!


Lunchtime! Something seems wrong with this picture though. The big boys claimed it was more fun.



After lunch, it was outside time for everybody. Quints, Gideon, Daddy, and Mommy cut some huge trees down, did yard work, rode their new bikes, cleaned the garage, and deep cleaned the van. Conner and his buddies did water balloons, Basketball, football, Nerf wars, played games, enjoyed the bonfire, and more. A few of Conner’s friends spent a second night since it’s summertime and fun should never stop!

We have always been the hangout house and I am glad that adding more kids to our family has not changed all aspects of who we are. It’s only made us better. Life does not stop just because you have a new dynamic. That was a fear we had when we first found out about so many little ones but we have yet to find that a reality. Today is Conner’s actual 11th birthday! I’m excited to figure out something fun to do with him in between normal life and appointments.

Here is 60 seconds of some of the fun at Conner’s Party!




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  1. Why do the videos you put on this page never work? I clicked on both videos and both videos say that we have “Watch this video Youtube: Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner.”


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