Welcome Home Conner! Grandpa’s visit!

This week, we welcomed Conner home from his month long vacation with Roxi’s Dad and Stepmom. Conner had so much fun being spoiled as an “only child” for a bit. He went to St. Louis, Chicago, 2 professional baseball games, Branson (Missouri), Meramec Caverns, The Great Lakes, The Museum of Science and Industry, Skyzone, horseback riding, water parks, school shopping, had another birthday party, and so much more as he visited cousins and other family members.  The toddlers missed him so much but were excited since every airplane they saw they would exclaim, “There is Conner!” Mom and Dad missed him a lot but loved his daily updates and how excited he was about it all!

Check out Conner’s welcome home VLOG here!

The kids all loved opening up their birthday presents! It was a lot of fun for us to celebrate their birthday together since it is hard with distance. See which quintuplet did not want to open their present since they liked the wrapping paper!


One of my favorite pictures Conner sent of his adventures! Look at that carefree, happy smile at a baseball game! #stillakid #makingmemories

Check out the VLOG of them enjoying the experience from opening cards to more!



The unwrapping took awhile between them wanting to cleanup and Briella not wanting to ruin the wrapping paper. She is too sweet!




Hair accessories, Disney Princess dolls, Princess/Cars sleeping bags, necklaces, bracelets, sticker books, clothes, and shoes left these little ones speechless. Elias, Gideon, and Conner loved their new watches, robots, and Cars toys. It was really cute watching their different personalities as they did pretend play.



Conner challenged Grandpa to an Xbox baseball game…


All Mom wanted was one quick picture before the road. Unfortunately, this is life. Gideon did not want to be held or a picture. Gideon’s screaming and Felicity’s leg touching Elias’ caused Elias to start crying. This is real life with a lot of kids. #perfectlyimperfect

IMG_3832 (2).JPG

Sadly, they could only visit 2 days. After they left, the quints told me they were going to wait in the kitchen for them to come back. They redecorated and made it cozy <3. #somanypottys #evenmoreblankets

IMG_3722 (3).JPG

Daddy had work so missed the entire visit. When Dad and son were finally reunited, both of them were beaming! Can you tell they both hate pictures? Conner has been hanging with Dad every second he can.  It is really special to watch them together.




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