A Huge Milestone for the Quints! So glad we never gave into the doctor pressure to selectively reduce/abort…

Number of Doctors who told me selectively reduce/Abort the Quintuplets: 11

Number of Appointments/times until 20 weeks that I was told to abort by doctors: 41

Average Gestation of Quintuplets-27 weeks

Our Quintuplets Arrival– 31 Weeks 1 Day

Number of Therapists among the quints the last 3 years: 18

Number of Hours Therapy Total Combined: 2536 hours

Number of Lifelong Issues as of now: 0

Even on hard days, I could never have imagined our life without our children. I have no idea why God chose us to have quintuplets. However, I am so glad he entrusted us this much. I had 11 doctors tell me for over 40 appointments that I needed to selectively reduce down to a singleton or twins. I sometimes look around at our blessings, and wonder what 3-4 children would I have not had the gift of knowing? I can not imagine life without any of them. I am so glad that Michael and I had faith in God, and each other that we could get through anything. We were often told of all the what ifs and things that could happen by doctors. We were told our kids would be born early and have a magnitude of health ailments for the rest of their life if they even survived.   We always stood our ground against the strong pressure and told the doctors, “we wanted to keep them all and if we all made it to the end, then that was what God called us to do and blessed us by giving life”. There were a lot of tears leaving the offices and questioning if we were right. We prepared for the worst, and prayed for the best a lot of times. I am pleased our children have proved the negative doctors wrong. They are amazing, healthy miracles.

We fired all the providers wanting us to selectively reduce at 20 weeks. I almost lost the babies when they refused to stop preterm labor, “since I should have aborted them anyways”. I then went to an amazing team of doctors who dedicated their life to helping higher order multiples succeed. We are forever grateful to Dr. John Elliott of Valley Perinatal in Phoenix, AZ.

IMG_3013 (2).JPG

Briella and Elias loved their therapists but are really excited to have both graduated from OT and ST on 9/5/2017! Briella also graduated from PT on 9/5/2017! Yes, that means all of the kids have officially graduated from OT, ST, and PT! We are DONE with therapies! It has been a long road but they are meeting or exceeding all areas as their same age peers. We were very preventative and early with their interventions but it is so worth it so they can continue with normal development! They started therapy before they even left NICU and have kept it up for over 3 years. Way to grow and go, little warriors! You not only reached milestones, you jumped hurdles. We are so proud of all of you!

IMG_2937 (2).JPG

Graduation Day! Yes, I made them walk the hall. They sure strutted as Michael, Conner, Gideon, and I cheered!

IMG_2977 (2).JPG

From Ventilators to Preschoolers in only 3 short years. We can not wait to see where each of their lives continues to take them. The sky is the limit! These kids have had the best teams of medical providers: from 10 weeks of hospital bed rest with providers who believe HOM can succeed, an amazing NICU team, incredible early intervention teams, and fantastic private therapists.

IMG_2982 (2).JPG

Aurora Arizona- Birth weight 3 lbs 5 oz. Baby C at birth. Graduated From All Therapies- 6/27/17. Currently, wants to be a teacher when older.

IMG_3043 (2).JPG

Briella Bryleigh- Birth Weight 3 lbs 9 oz. Baby D at birth. Graduated from all therapies on 9/5/2017. Currently, wants to be a Nurse when older.

IMG_2999 (2).JPG

Delilah Daphney- Birth Weight 3 lbs 11 oz. Baby A at birth. Graduated from all therapies on 6/27/17. Currently, wants to be a doctor when older.

IMG_3022 (2).JPGElias Michael- Birth Weight 3 lbs 2 oz. Baby E at birth. Graduated from all therapies on 9/5/2017. Currently, wants to be an accountant when older.

IMG_2991 (2).JPG

Felicity Fiona- Birth Weight 3 lbs 1 oz. Baby B at birth. Graduated from all therapies on 6/27/17. Currently, wants to be a lawyer when older.



4 Replies to “A Huge Milestone for the Quints! So glad we never gave into the doctor pressure to selectively reduce/abort…”

  1. Hey Roxi!

    I love love love this post! I teared up at the part where you said you were told 41 times the odds were not in your favor but persevered anyway. I’m taking a Facebook break so that’s why I’ll be absent from the comments on your posts for a while. 🙂 I subscribed to this blog though! Congratulations, quintlers! Anyone who says God isn’t real needs to hear this story! Sending love from Ohio!


  2. A real blessing and so glad you chose to not listen to those that wanted to murder your precious little ones!! Thank You and Michael for listening to our God, who provides for His own!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story of your lives. Congratulations to all of you!!!


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