“With 7 kids…You must love one more or have a favorite? Who is it?”- Sunday Question Answered

I get asked some form of this question daily from strangers. My answer is always the same, “They are 7 different people, with 7 different personalities. Each of the kids have unique qualities I absolutely love, and each of them have qualities that don’t jive with my personality.”  That sounds tough but I would not have it anyway. Their unique personalities are constantly developing and make each of them special. Plus, I’m sure I have a million qualities that others don’t like, but that is okay!

I love all of my kids equally and would do anything for any of them. I try to give them all individual opportunities to support their unique talents, interests, and dreams along their journey to be constructive adults and citizens. I will admit though…in different circumstances, I may like one more than another at that exact moment. Past poopy wall painting, not listening, crying I can’t understand and not using words to explain it, etc are a few not shining moments in my eyes. I know they need to have moments to learn from so I try to embrace them, but I’m human and that’s challenging sometimes. However, love wise, my love never changes. I love them all equally and need each and every one of them in my life. Each child has a special role in our family to make it complete.

When I first found out I was expecting the quintuplets, I was worried how my love would grow to accommodate so many blessings. However, it magically did!

20170513_112823 (2).jpg

Today, they’re all my favorites! For the first time in almost 3.5 years, they slept in until 8 am! Granted, they have not slept much this week because of the storms and they were awake coughing all night last night. However from 3am (last coughing spell)-8am, we all got solid sleep! Normally, the treat of sleeping in is 6am around our house. Most day’s start by 3-4 am for the adults.


Photo credit: Cherise Kiel Photography

Sweet dreams,


3 Replies to ““With 7 kids…You must love one more or have a favorite? Who is it?”- Sunday Question Answered”

  1. I truly cannot believe someone would ask you that question. I’ve explained to all of my kids that as a family we love each other but we don’t always like the other person or their actions. And that’s ok. No one can be likeable all the time. And certain aspects of my personality, my husband’s personality, and the kids personality will jibe with someone else’s better depending on what’s going on. But we always, always love each other.

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