Family Day at the base! Our first ice cream truck!

The kids always love going to see Daddy at work. When we heard the base was holding a family day, we were ecstatic! We were pleasantly surprised when I let Michael know we were there.  He told us to wait by the van, since it is mandatory fun, and he is coming with us.

IMG_5648 (2).JPG

As we were waiting, the kids saw a Lieutenant in a flight suit walking in the distance toward our direction. The kids were super energized and kept yelling, “Daddy” until he was close enough they could see it was not Michael. He kept laughing and shaking his head no. I wonder why he wouldn’t want to claim all this atomic cuteness?!? Grandma and I could not stop laughing.

As soon as Michael and his coworkers joined us, we headed to the bounce houses and blow up slides.  After 45 minutes, they were ready for the next activity.


Delilah would not leave the goat at the animal petting area. They were instant friends.


Felicity and Elias loved every animal and eagerly brushed their fur. They thought the chicken was too funny! IMG_5661 (2).JPG

Gideon and Aurora were hesitant of the animals. Aurora liked the rabbit until she went to pet it and it moved. She was terrified and done with the animals for the day.  Briella loved the miniature horse. Although, she thought it was a cow and wouldn’t believe us that it was a horse.


The kids went to their first ice cream truck! They analyzed the menu and blew kisses at the dog. It was adorable to watch them all choose different types. It was a sticky, but fun experience.


Thank you ice cream man for your patience with our 7 energized, indecisive cuties.

IMG_5707 (2).JPG

Aurora chose watermelon.

IMG_5710 (2).JPG

Briella choose a peanut butter fudge bar. She kept saying how cold her mouth was as she ate.

IMG_5699 (2).JPG

Delilah choose a firecracker Popsicle. She really enjoyed it which is rare since she does not like sweets usually.

IMG_5712 (2).JPG

Elias choose a chocolate fudge bar. He scarfed his down before some of the others even had their second bite!

IMG_5702 (2).JPG

Felicity choose an Oreo cone. This is no surprise. Felicity LOVES chocolate and sweets. She very daintily ate and savored her ice cream.

IMG_5705 (2).JPG

Gideon could not choose out of all the choices. I think he wanted to order the entire menu. The ice cream man choose a firecracker Popsicle for him. I think he enjoyed it! He was a sticky mess.

IMG_1127 (2).JPG


Delilah and Felicity loved hugging the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta friends. The rest of the kids were hesitant of them. Thankfully, our children are very rarely sick. However, when they are we head to CHOA.

IMG_1137 (2).JPG

I had to watch these girls with the Medieval Times Knights. The girls kept wanting to hold their hands and hug them. Not yet girls, your knight in shining armor will come with time. The boys took some chivalry lessons. We always have taken Conner to their shows and are excited to be taking all of the kids soon!

IMG_5748 (2).JPG

The kids crawled through a tent that was stimulated to be on fire. They learned to stay low to be under the smoke. Also, they learned how to stop, drop, and roll. They were huge fans of the fire department and all of the cool equipment.  We have another visit to the firehouse planned soon. Safety is always a great thing to review and they make it fun.

IMG_5757 (2).JPG

A picnic lunch was served just in time as everybody had worked up an appetite from visiting a lot of vendor booths and their activities.

IMG_5769 (2).JPG

It was a perfect family day. It was a nice way to not only enjoy our blessings, but also to meet all of Michael’s coworkers and their families. After all, we are a family united.

Vlog of some of our day:



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