An unplanned day, turns out to still be fun.

Some days just do not go as originally planned. I planned for us to go to a local festival and then have a picnic in the park.


Elias decided to wake up with me at 4 am. I normally awake before them to have a little quiet time and get prepared for the day without helpers.  He woke up in a fantastic mood. We ended up cuddling up on the couch, reading books, and me drinking coffee.

IMG_5929 (4).JPGThe rest of the kids woke up way earlier than normal. Some of them clearly were not ready to be awake yet.


IMG_5234 (2).JPG

I was too tired to prep a huge breakfast. Fruit, bagels with peanut butter, and milk came to the little ones rescue.  After dropping Conner at school, I realized the day was too chilly and windy for us to be outside very long.

IMG_5264 (2).JPG

Playdough, flashcards, practicing cutting skills, and more quiet activities filled our morning. By 11, they were over being home. The fighting and grumpiness had started. They wanted and needed an outing stat.

Image may contain: sky, ocean, cloud, outdoor and nature

At that same time, Michael sent us a picture that he had just arrived to Florida with work for a week.  I decided we needed our own moment of silence and paradise. I was not sure where we were going to find it with such short notice, but I knew it was not at home right now with the grumpiness.

IMG_5787 (2).JPG

IMG_5801 (2).JPG

30 minutes later we were ready to leave the house.  Half of their socks did not match since they traded one of the pair with each other. I think they were going for a new fashion statement but it did not matter they were ready.


We waited outside for a couple minutes until our table was ready. They kept trying to hold their hair because of the wind.


Silence is golden. I love hearing how they view the world as they tell me sentence after sentence. It is an amazing way to see their different personalities and logic. However, a rare moment of silence is nice. This is especially true if they are right in front of you so you know they aren’t doing something naughty. Happy kids, happy mom.


Felicity enjoying coloring.


Delilah and Briella playing connect the dots.


Michael thinks I am crazy for always taking the kids with me everywhere alone. He would just stay home constantly with them he says. Sometimes Michael says, “I would dig myself a hole and hide if I was the stay-at-home parent”. I think he’d find a groove. You never know what you would do until you do not have another option.

The kids act so great when I am out with them. We all go crazy if we stay home too long. By taking them out everywhere with me from NICU discharge pretty much, they have learned how to behave and manners. Taking them out alone is a lot of work.  However, the moments are really enjoyable for all of us and the other patrons of the different establishments. Life always has a teaching moment, and I am glad we can utilize them to shape our kids into good people and citizens.


Next up, a quick grocery shopping for the next few days until Michael is back home.


After bath time shenanigans, Elias insisted he needed to wear his sister’s nightgown and 3 pairs of sunglasses. His future is bright and he is ready for it!


Oh Gideon Gunner, you are too precious.


Gideon does everything the quints do. In his mind, he is entirely part of the quints. If he gets told no, he will through a quintler-style tantrum so we pick our battles. After bath, Gideon followed his sisters and was really excited to pick out an outfit. He is an adorable little boy but he is not a bad looking “girl” either <3.



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