Halloween 2017

Every year, we love to go to Fall festivals.  We really enjoy doing lots of fun and educational things with the kids. Last year, Michael was away and we all had a terrible stomach virus so had to miss trick-or-treating. This year, was the quint’s and Gideon’s first time actively participating with it! The quints have went with Conner before but stayed in the strollers since it was a lot of walking.

I’m cherishing the time that we can have a family costume theme! Can you find the theme?



Aurora is a Barbie.


Briella is a solider.


Delilah is a dinosaur.

Can you spot the theme yet? The next one is going to give it away :).



Elias and Daddy are Woody! Elias said, ” I want to be same as Daddy and be Boody!”


Felicity is Little Bo Peep. She lost her sheep but found Tigger instead <3.


Gideon is Andy. He didn’t like his hat but sure liked having all of the characters of Toy Story in his backpack shirt!


Conner is an Eagles Football player. Every year, he gets to choose whatever he wants to be for Halloween. I think most of his 11 years he has been an athlete of some type!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

Throwback 4 years ago! Back to when things were a whole lot quieter and different in our house with only one child. I fell in a hole while trick or treating with him that year since we were on week 2 of no power after a hurricane. The base was very dark. Conner’s costume cracked me up! He is a true, loyal fan.


Family! There is nothing better in the galaxy.


Make a silly face! Poor Andy…I mean Gideon. He can’t control these toys. Well maybe sometimes, after all he is the baby.


To infinity and beyond…


Ready to take on the world…well at least the neighborhood.


I was so proud of these little ones. The witch did not scare them at all as they each took a piece of candy from a bowl she was holding.


Michael returned home from work late and I got home from school late. However, we are so glad we made it work. The kids had a blast and loved the new experience. Glow sticks at the end of the night made another perfect memory. Lead the way home, Woody.


The boys and their treats. I think they are planning a trick though.

Quick VLOG of a few highlights of the night!



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