Veteran’s Day and November 2017!

November marks a special time of year. It is when Fall turns into Winter, and family is reunited with the all of the different holidays.  First, Happy 242nd Birthday to the Marine Corps on November 10, 2017!  My Mom and Dad both proudly served in the Marines for too many years to count until their everything in their body but their hearts said, “no more”. I am so proud of their service and their commitment to our country.  Their triumphs from enlisted to officer ranks has always been an inspiration that we are both following.

Second, we hope that you are celebrating Veteran’s Day on November 11,  by remembering all those that have served and those that are still serving in all of the Armed Forces.  Today, is so much more than a day off work or a day of free things.  Many of those who have served and still are active do not have today off. Serving others is a 365 day a year job that is 24/7.  Many loved ones will not be together for the holidays. We have been a part for more holidays then we have been together so are cherishing being together.  Skype is always sketchy and slow on holidays with all of the troops wanting to be included in their family’s festivities from a far. It is still a true blessing though.  The valor, honor, and dedication the fewer than 1% of the population shows for all of us is beyond words. All across America, parades and ceremonies are held to honor those who have served in the military. It puts Veterans and the Armed Forces in the limelight and gives people, particularly those who may not interact often with those who have served, the opportunity to express their gratitude. Not one Veteran ever expects a thank you EVER. When you sign your name and essentially your life, on the dotted line, you sign up for a lifestyle of doing deeds to better others life without them even knowing it. Many of us do a lot of volunteer community service but you’ll seldom hear of us doting on it since that is not the reason to do the service.  To honor our family and country, and protect those who mean everything to us is our hidden drive to take another step. Our family suddenly grew by thousands of people when we raised our hand and took our oath.


Soon Thanksgiving will be upon us and we will all cherish our family, friends, and moments together. We’ll say how thankful we are for each other and how blessed we truly are in life. Then for some American’s, Black Friday will come and all love for each other will go out the window.  It probably goes to the same place all the turkey, stuffing, and pie went the previous day.  People will fight each other for the last Furby, Xbox 8 million, or whatever commercialized gadget is being thrust upon us.  Three months later, that object will not even matter, break, be discarded, and forgotten. However, the memories and moments will be what is cherished. The love, compassion, and bravery we show for others is our legacy and inspiration. Take a look at a Veteran and ask them a few heartfelt questions. I’m sure you would learn a lot about life.  I know I sure do every time we go and visit homeless Veterans, the VA, or do community service with them.


Every year, we open our doors for the holidays to troops, homeless vets, and anybody needing a warm place and some company. Did you know the number one killer of those who serve is suicide? Nobody should ever feel that alone or scared. We hope to always  to be that listening ear when others need us and to continue helping. I am glad our house will be full again this year (besides with just our not-so-little family lol).

Hoffman family and Dr Elliott.JPG

Pictured with Dr. John Elliott, Valley Perinatal, Phoenix, AZ. He is the #1 Worldwide Higher Order Multiples MFM (aka Triplet+ Guru) celebrating the quint’s 1st birthday. He also served in the military.

As you can see, Michael and I have grown up not only with each other, but with the military. We love this country!

20160806_151451_1470511560333 (2).jpg

Vlog of a few activities we did at home:



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