Holiday Pictures 2014-2016

The holiday season has always been my favorite time of year! Family, festivals, Christian fellowship, hot cocoa, Santa, giving to others, and the feeling of magic in the air.

Holidays 2014- 6 months old (3 months adjusted). I literally had them in holiday clothes everyday from Halloween-New Years <3.

IMG_5549 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron
IMG_5335 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron
IMG_5835 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron
@ The Hoffman Squadron

The quints stayed in the stroller for all of the Santa pictures at Luke Air Force, AZ to minimize germ exposure. They were on RSV/FLU Season lock down so this was a special treat.

Holidays 2015- 18 months old (15 months adjusted). I was 7 months pregnant with sweet Baby G.


These cute little ones were still on RSV lockdown. That did not stop them from enjoying and getting into everything.

Holidays 2016- Quints are 2.5 years old. Gideon is 10 months old. This year, the kids and Mom where everywhere celebrating the holidays! It was so much fun!



20161225_084205 (2).jpg

Michael surprised us by coming home for Christmas. He was in the middle of being away from home for 10 months. Yep, I still had plenty of hair and patience taking care of these sweethearts.

untitled (23 of 852) copy
Photo credit- Grace Photography II

They were unsure of Santa. This was especially true of Baby Gideon and Felicity (far left).

_DSC0107 copy
Photo credit- Grace Photography II

Aurora Arizona and her famous side eye as Santa reads.

_DSC9952_DxO copy
Photo credit- Grace Photography II

Briella Bryleigh was not so sure if she liked Santa photobombing her picture.

_DSC0203_DxO copy
Photo credit- Grace Photography II

Elias, Gideon, and Conner liked having a boys only moment with Santa. They needed to make sure that the girl’s did not request silly things.

_DSC0039 copy
Photo credit- Grace Photography II

Delilah Daphney was all about Santa. She wanted him to read faster so they could move onto cookies.

_DSC9935_DxO copy1
Photo credit- Grace Photography II

Santa had to leave the building with Felicity Fiona. She refused to have him be in there after he tried to sneak in behind her. Our Diva was in full force. Her pout is pretty cute though.

Want to see this years (2017) beautiful pictures click here: Holiday Pictures 2017



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