7 sick kids, 1 Mom, and 1 Pediatrician…

Meet Patient Zero: Michael aka “The Rabbit” aka “Squadron Dad”

Diagnosis: Severe “Man Cold” for the past 3 weeks. Still has been going to work, and is currently out of town.

Prognosis: Good, but after the past few days; I’m not so sure… Keep reading to understand my reasoning.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Four days ago: The Plague hit our house. I somehow have used sharp, evasive maneuvers to avoid it. Okay really, I’ve been scrubbing our house with Young Living Thieves (Find THIEVES Here) everywhere but that does not sound quite as cool. Somebody, has to hold it all together or our family of 9 will plummet into anarchy. With Michael away (plus remember “Man Cold”), I’m the lucky Commander.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Meet The Plague Brigade: Conner very rarely gets sick but he has missed the last two days because he can hardly move. I know he was truly sick since he missed two basketball games and karate. The quints and Gideon have 104-105+ degree fevers for this whole time. Have no fear, nurse Roxi was here monitoring, implementing therapeutic care, and snuggling everybody 24/7. I may have said a few gracious prayers thanking the Ultimate Creator for coffee, patience, and strength. #TeamNoSleep #ChoirofCoughing #YouGrabaLeg #YouGrabAnArm #ThereIsEnoughMomforEverybodyAtOnce

@ The Hoffman Squadron

The kids were super patient as we waited.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

…and waited to be called back. 7 Sick appointments is a lot to squeeze into a day.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Delilah said a sweet prayer hoping that everybody would feel better. I may have danced, read books, and blew bubbles to keep them busy. After all, when we are out as 1 Mom and 7 kids alone in public, we are a spectacle anyways why not have some fun too.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Conner slept. Poor guy… Jr Man Cold.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Doing the train back to the vitals area.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

They dressed themselves. Can you tell? I told them to be incognito and look like regular 3 year olds.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Diagnosis: 7 kids with Influenza, 2 kids with double ear infections, 1 right ear infection, and 1 left ear infection. These were these 4 kids first ear infections ever!

Prognosis: Full recovery in 1-2 weeks. Especially, if 1 Mom gets Starbucks via IV STAT to keep running on fumes and no sleep. Our bodies are amazing and adaptable. Reminds me of when I did it alone when Michael was working and the girls were first home.  Grandma (Roxi’s Mom) is sick too right now so has been trying to get better at her house. We hope she feels better soon.

IMG_6906 (2).JPG

Immediately when we returned home, I gave them fresh baths, pajamas, dinner, and a treat of a show (they watch very little tv).  They quickly fell asleep on me. Now, I have to find room on my lap for my books without waking anybody.  Excuse me, as I resume studying for a test on Tuesday and writing two papers. #4.0Student #BallerWife #DecentMom #JustWorkHard





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