The Season of Thanks has begun…

Our life is always eventful, but I can not imagine it any other way. This past week, all 7 kids were sick, Michael was sick, Michael was out of town, I was sick, housework, sports, tests, papers, presentations (see it here: NR Presentation- Roxanna Hoffman), multiple interviews, and more happened. To say, I am thankful for a five day weekend is an understatement. I have been burning the candle at both ends of the stick and am looking forward to catching up a bit.  Catching up helps me relax. My anxiety does not like unfinished things lurking. We persevered this week.  I am happy to report all of the kids and I are slowly feeling better.  We have postponed Thanksgiving dinner to let everybody finish healing up.  Although, we have many other traditions we are still doing. Most of all is spending time together.

Thanksgiving Collage 2014 - 2
Thanksgiving 2014 @ The Hoffman Squadron

This year, I am thankful for so many things. I am thankful the quints caught up developmentally in every way.  I am thankful Conner found a school that he loves and has formed a deeper relationship with Christ. I am thankful Gideon is running around so I can put my sneakers to good use. I am thankful he loves his milkies. I am thankful for a hard working, handsome husband who still makes my heart skip a beat. I am thankful for my Mom’s help with watching the kids, when Michael is working, so I can go to school. I am thankful that I am close to finishing another school session in a few weeks with another round of A’s. I am thankful to be finding me again. Did you know I am more than a Mom and Wife?!? It took me a few years to start finding me again… Nurse Practitioner and Fit momma here I come. I am finally cleared medically to workout some again.  Up until 8 weeks pregnant with the quints, I worked out before work, at lunch, and after work for a total of 4-5+ hours a day. I am so excited to be incorporating working out back into my routine one step at a time. I am thankful for all of the great friends we have met over the years, and awesome photographers who have been able to capture some really special moments for us. We are thankful for all of you for joining our adventures with us. Y’all have been a huge part of our extended family.  You have been a wonderful support system as we all grow and mature.

Thanksgiving Collage 2015 - 2
Thanksgiving 2015 @ The Hoffman Squadron

We are truly blessed for everybody and hope you have a wonderful holiday!




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