4 Day weekend, tons of work, tons of play, and a SURPRISE!

Last year, Michael was not able to be home to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.  This year, he was not only only home for the holiday but had a 4 day weekend! I also had a 4 day weekend from school. We used our time wisely as a family and did a lot of fun stuff, made a few decisions, and got a lot of things done. It was so nice to work together on things! He doesn’t have a day off for a few weeks so we cherished it. Thanksgiving Day, we played board games, organized and deep cleaned the entire house, I wrote a paper, presentation, and did ten other little assignments for school.  We had an awesome Vegan meal Michael’s friend brought over.


Mommy and the girls had a date day.  We postponed Thanksgiving by a day so we could all feel completely better. Our idea of Black Friday Shopping meant an early trip to the grocery store. Michael and the boys stayed home to start a surprise. It was so much easier maneuvering the two carts without Gideon and Elias weighing them down.


The girl’s wanted to buy everything in the store. After shopping, we went home. The kids all helped me to clean the van, Michael’s truck, yard work, and cleaning outside (windows/porches/etc). It was a lot of work and we all looked like little disasters. I’m glad I became a CPST since that saves me so much time when installing their 6 rear facing seats safely when I clean.  We then went into help the boys with dinner.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Delilah and I ended up at another grocery store since the first store did not have everything. Each of the children had an individual date with Mom and an individual date with Dad this weekend! We love the one on one time as much as they do…maybe even more :). Their individual personalities really shine.


Michael made a caprese salad.


Chicken Bryan, loaded mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. This is not our traditional food for Thanksgiving. However, it is one of our favorite treat dinners. With as crazy as the past few weeks have been, we wanted to mainly just spend time together. Plus, with Michael being an amazing cook. How could we not want some of this yummy dinner.

IMG_7201 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Grandma came over to help us celebrate. Michael is almost done with his first surprise. He had some scrap wood left over from other projects. So he made each of the kids their own coat, shoe, and backpack cubby! He just needs another coat of paint, install the hooks, and put their initial on each cubby!

This year, was the first year the kids have gotten super excited about decorating, giving, and Christmas. They had a meeting to try to figure out how to best decorate the tree.

IMG_7218 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Each of the children had a wonderful time placing ornaments, helping me setup my Christmas village, singing Christmas songs, drinking hot cocoa, and wearing Santa helper hats. The kids felt giddy seeing all of their personalized ornaments since they can read this year.

We had a rare pajama day but it was far from a lazy day. We had a festive house to finish decorating. When we were finding our Christmas decorations, I discovered a few boxes that have not been unpacked for 3 moves in 3 different states! Opening them was like an early Christmas!!!

IMG_7290 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron

We decorated cookies, and made a gingerbread house.  The kids always love this fun tradition.

IMG_7142 (2).JPG

Michael and I hardly slept all weekend. However, we had so much fun teaching the kids things, enjoying the holiday, being outside, and doing projects. We emptied off most of our individual to do lists and it felt awesome! After seeing how much we did in 4 days, I realized if we both stayed home, life would be so easy and we would be totally unstoppable.

IMG_7152 (2).JPG

Sunday night, Conner requested pizza as a treat after his game.  5 pizza and 3 things of bread sticks later we have enough food for all of the kids. Michael and I had salads from home. After a day of building and church, we were all exhausted.

IMG_6407 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Michael working on his first project. Personalized cubbies to hold all of the kid’s items.  He built it with scrap wood but it came out perfect!


Table legs to our new custom dining room table built with love.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Michael’s second project. He built from scratch a 12 foot by 4 foot dining room table and legs! Conner and the quints wrote their names and each left a hand print on the under side of the table. Gideon left a hand print and we wrote his name since he still does not know how :). Michael still has a few finishing touches to put on the table but we are so excited! He also built bench seats and individual seats for it! This was the best Christmas gift ever.  We got rid of our gorgeous 6 seat high stool table since it was no longer a good fit for our family before moving from AZ to GA. We have been using random tables since we moved because he knew he wanted to make one but did not have the time to previously.  We eat dinner every night as a family at our table (when Michael is away, we save his place). It is a huge priority to us.  I can not wait to start sharing meals and memories at this special table. I’ll post the finished results when it’s completed.


Roxanna Hoffman


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