SNOWPOCALYPSE! Our 2nd week of December 2017!

Michael was suppose to be on a work trip for 4 days. It was cancelled at the last minute for other reasons. I am sure glad it did! We had a snowpocalypse in Atlanta this year! We very rarely get snow here at all.  The weatherman reported that we were going to have a light dusting. I learned in NJ to always be prepared. With 9 of us in the house, the last thing I want to do when trapped inside is to run out of food. So I stocked up for the week on a few essentials.

IMG_8149 (2).JPG

The quints and Gideon had never seen snow before since they were born in Arizona. As soon as it started sticking on the ground, they wanted to explore!

IMG_7709 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron
@ The Hoffman Squadron
IMG_7729 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron

The snow brought out the goofy in all of them. They loved attacking Mommy, Daddy, and Conner with snowballs.

@ The Hoffman Squadron
@ The Hoffman Squadron

After about 30 minutes, the kids were ready to come inside and warm up.


Homemade hot cocoa always brightens them right up.

IMG_7789 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron

It may be the marshmallows too.


Michael lit a fire and it was the perfect touch. The snow continued to fall.

IMG_7805 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Playing in the snow wore out everybody. I liked having a bit of quiet to study for finals since they were in just a few days.

IMG_7818 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Amature! He’s lucky they are a little more mature than drunk college students.  Otherwise, he would have had Sharpie characters drawn all over him.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

As soon as he woke up, Michael saw trees had landed on the fence separating the neighbors house from ours. With us both having dogs, we went out and fixed it in the snow. We make a good team.



Michael built a sled and the kids came to give their opinions.

IMG_7871 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron

They approved.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Back out we went into the snow. Snowmen, snow angels, snow ball fights, and more kept the kids busy for 45 minutes.

@ The Hoffman Squadron
@ The Hoffman Squadron


Michael made a drying station for the gear. We definitely improvised with this random Mother Nature event.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

We moved everybody downstairs to stay safe during the night. The trees here are not use to any ice or snow so kept breaking.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Gideon loved his spot in the house. Halfway through the night we lost power. We have a generator from NJ. Between that, the fireplace, lots of blankets, we stayed warm. All night long we kept hearing branches and trees fall down but could not see out. The next day, Michael and Conner went to explore the damage.  We had over 12 inches off snow fall overnight! Trees had fallen into the quints room, our bedroom, the fence, the deck, vehicles, and all over.






IMG_7959 (2).JPG

We have a gas stove so that was a huge blessing during this adventure!


Conner and Michael took care of getting some of the trees off our property so more damage wouldn’t happen.



@ The Hoffman Squadron

Michael and the kids made pizzas during our “no power party”!

@ The Hoffman Squadron


Not our prettiest meal but it was made with love in unique circumstances.  We then played games the rest of the night by candle light.

IMG_7930 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Treat donuts to the rescue.

IMG_8076 (2)
@ The Hoffman Squadron

He looks at me like I’m the weird one? #donutlover #busted


I was not sure what Michael and Delilah were doing at first.


I soon realized it was to get the coffee pot working with the generator. #priorites

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Michael’s awesome coworker and our good friend, came over to help cleanup the yard.  We rented a wood chipper. Elias and Conner headed out to a birthday party. That left just the girl’s and me to cleanup as Gideon napped. They kept saying how girl’s are strong since we were picking up sticks.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Sometimes, nature calls right now.


Taking the trees off the house.


We were all sore the next day, but it was nice to have the help. Michael and I would still be working on it otherwise. We survived and thrived 48 hours of no power with 7 kids!

The rest of the week was us packing for our trip, taking 2 finals, cleaning up from the storm, basketball games, karate, and making sure we were ready for the holidays.



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