Where did we go? Day 1 and Day 2 of our vacation!

Remember that time we had an incredible surprise from The Rachael Ray Show for Mother’s Day?  After 6 months of planning to make it possible for Michael and I to be in the same place at the same time, our 1st ever couples vacation was finally here!

I took my last final on Thursday, and Kathy arrived from Florida to help my Mom with the kids.  Since the snow storm (blogged about here), put me way behind. We had to pack and get ready Friday morning before we left.


Michael packed so much stuff. He literally had a suitcase for shoes. I’m such a minimalist in life and especially when I travel.


First stop, a quick pedicure since I had not had time to previously.


FREEDOM! I was so nervous about leaving the kids for the first time but I knew they were in fabulous hands.


Michael and I use a credit card that gets hotel points for everything we purchase/monthly bills since he travels so much. Money saving tip: We pay it off each month (no interest and we get the points for free rooms whenever we vacation). We got a room in Atlanta for Friday night since our flight was really early in the morning. This pillow was in our room at the hotel. I think kids make us richer in the important ways but that’s just me.


It was a very modern room. I laughed since the artwork looked like kids did it. Maybe, I should get in that business! They LOVE our daily art time.


Quick dinner in the lobby and we fell asleep for our early morning.



At the airport at 3 am. Thank you American Airlines for giving military members free checked bags! We try to travel incognito. However, he still looks military.


Breakfast of champions


We flew into Miami first. I got a head start on reading for next semester and Michael watched movies.



Enjoying hanging out together during our 4 hour second flight.


Almost there! Grenada is a small island located Northwest of Trinidad and Tobago and Northeast of the coast of Venezuela.  It has a population of roughly 107,000 people.

IMG_8260 (2).JPG

Customs thought it was hilarious we finally got our honeymoon after almost 7 years of marriage.


We arrived at the Sandals LaSource Grenada resort after a 5 minute drive from the airport.  Our butler showed us all around the resort. When we arrived in our room, we found this sweet present.



Our backyard for the week! This was such a relaxing place to start and finish our day.

IMG_8277 (2).JPG

We had an infinity pool that overlooked the ocean. It was freezing due to being in the shade and not being heated. However, we still ventured in it a lot. We had to enjoy the gorgeous ocean view from it!


Our butlers left us tons of little surprises during our stay. It was a nice change to be pampered.

After a busy day of traveling, we decided to relax in the room after dinner and go exploring on Day 3 :).



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