January 2018-Lots of Changes for the Hoffman’s!

Since Michael came home last May, we have been renovating our house completely. We have been doing the work ourselves. Living in a reno as you are working on the house is challenging with 7 young kids.  It makes it extra hectic when we add in the fact that Michael has been out of the country for a lot of trips, working 3-4 weeks straight before having a day off, and I’ve been taking out max credit hours at school (3 classes and 2 lab classes in an 8 week session).  Our house will officially be on the selling market next week! We are staying in GA but are moving to the top school district in the state.  We debated between sending all of the kids to Conner’s private school or moving to a better district since they will start official Pre-K next year.

IMG_0694 (2).JPG

This year for Pre-K, we originally had them potty trained by 3 years old so they could attend but some of their slots in the class were accidentally given away.  We could not find an alternative we liked in our price range at a private preschool.  So for Pre-K this year, they have followed a curriculum I created at home, we go on daily educational outings with a local home school Co-op, and they have many extracurricular activities. I graduated in 2014 with an early education degree so it was great to put it to use! By doing Pre-K this way, we finished our basement and set up a fantastic preschool area for way cheaper than what tuition would be at a private preschool.  This financially made more sense since we have been thinking about the long term school solution for awhile.  The kids have learned so much! They know how to read, count to 60, write their names, overcame sensory issues, have made tons of friends, and more at only 3.5 years old!

@ The Hoffman Squadron Quints exploring at Museums with Mom!
@ The Hoffman Squadron Quints Karate is done for the night and Conner is practicing now.

At the end of the day, this is the best decision for our family all around and closer to both our school and work.  Michael is out of the country so bring on the house showings solo with all of the kids and the dog.

@ The Hoffman Squadron – House Hunting

We had a lot of fun finding our new home as a family.  After 14 moves, this is the first time we have seen a house before we moved into it! Our realtor took us to 15 house showings in one day. We were exhausted by the end but found, “the one” for us for the next few years (hopefully…military life is unpredictable).

After scouring and checking out a few choices. We signed them up for an incredible, private pre-K for next year! It’s quint+2 approved!

Michael has been applying and attending military evaluation boards for an amazing promotion at work since November.  With any luck, you are looking at a new Officer candidate! We should be hearing soon the details and confirmation so stay tuned for that fabulous announcement. It’ll take him away from home for 2 years but will be great for all of our future. We will be done about the same time.  Social media has taken a hit for our family during this time of lots of adjustments. I look forward to catching up this week on all of our blogs, vlogs, and adventures since before Christmas. Yes, I am that far behind. We sure have had a lot of fun during this busy time though!

IMG_0667 (2).JPG

We have been reached out to by many of you to see how the government shutdown has affected our family and fellow troops.  The biggest affect to us is just the uncertainty especially with our paycheck in the future.  With the military we are constantly use to plans changing and adapting with little to no notice.  The military members have been still showing up to work and has been putting in extra hours to cover the workload of those who were furloughed. Michael would have to pay up front for expenses for an out-of-country TDY and would eventually get reimbursed. This is hard since a lot of military families live paycheck to paycheck.  We have prepared the best we can for uncertain times. We have faith that the government will work things out and hope we have prepared enough.

IMG_0893 (2).JPG

Right now, I have about 80% of our house packed up.  The kids have loved helping. Delilah even packed herself. If only it was that easy to keep these helpers contained at times :). This will be Gideon’s 4th move in under 2 years!



2 Replies to “January 2018-Lots of Changes for the Hoffman’s!”

  1. Love to hear about your life, bless your family for all you are going through. I don’t know how you can keep up with all of your assignments, but thankful that you are doing it.

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  2. Wow, I am in awe. First, I want to thank your entire family for your service. Also it takes a very strong spouse to keep everything going while the other is serving our country. May God bless your family.

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