We have some exciting news about our house!

As everybody knows, we officially listed our house for sale on Friday March 23, 2018.  Within hours, we started receiving full price offers and over 1400 people were looking at our house online! On Sunday, we had an open house and more offers came! EXCITING NEWS! The house is officially under contract to be sold!

Fingers crossed and many prayers that all goes well between now and closing.  Two housing payments is not very fun with so many mouths to feed.  We have been super nervous about this and the fact of having so much invested into this house.  Thanks to our awesome realtor,  Kimberly Hallam at Keller Williams Realty Atlanta North, we have a little less stress in our life. If you ever need an Atlanta area realtor for renting, buying, or selling, we could not recommend her more.  She sold our house in less than a day!

IMG_2527 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Our family has worked really hard on this house and honestly just felt like we needed to catch a break soon in life.  Our life is so blessed and amazing but does have a lot of challenges at times thanks to the military life and quints+2. Fixing up the house has been challenging with Michael away so much. However, we did it!

IMG_8443 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

One of our first adventures when we first moved to our old house. Gideon was 3 months old and I took them all to library time solo.

Where did my babies go? The kids last day at the old house:

IMG_1871 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron
IMG_1857 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron
IMG_1837 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

They told me I had to take one more picture of them in their beds before we could move them to the new house. I could not deny those cute faces!

IMG_1874 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Thank you so much for all the love and support during our adventure!



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