Sunday Fun

One of the our favorite days of the week is Sunday.  Sunday means Church, Jesus, and family time all day. The girl’s are obsessed with princess things and pretty dresses.  Normally, they will change their outfits 15 times a day or just go naked around the house in between their many wardrobe changes.  Keeping clothes on them is a challenge!  Not today though! They LOVE their new lemon dresses from! They are so thin and soft. I wish it came in my size (although that would be a lot of stripes lol).

Fun in the sun at Church:

@The Hoffman Squadron
@The Hoffman Squadron                                     Dresses
@ The Hoffman Squadron

The Church has a huge kids program that has activities many times a week.

@ The Hoffman Squadron
@ The Hoffman Squadron

We had a treat today! Miss Donna (Gideon’s Godmother) came by to visit! The kids needed a hair change but refused to change out of their comfy Wheat & Cotton Boutique dresses.

IMG_3581 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Gideon wasn’t feeling photogenic at first.

IMG_3594 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

After a little bit, he wanted to join our fun. However, getting a picture of 6 people looking is challenging!

IMG_3584 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

The Fab Five looked so cute!

IMG_3570 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Waiting for Miss Donna.

IMG_3603 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Ring around the Rosy is one of our favorite pastimes. The kids love music and games.

IMG_3622 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Felicity found the snacks. Trixie found Felicity and is looking forward to clean up time.

IMG_3611 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron
IMG_3625 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

They love to show Miss Donna all they have learned and cuddle. I love having another adult to talk with to mix up the day.

IMG_3604 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

The kids love being outside so we spend a lot of time there. They watch very little tv so being kids outside lets there creativity blossom and keeps them busy.

IMG_3632 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Should we go left or right for our walk? So many opinions.

IMG_3630 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

When we moved into our new neighborhood, many of the neighbors stopped by to welcome us. The kids helped make and deliver thank you cards to everybody.

IMG_3636 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron


IMG_3634 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

They were very excited at each house to give them their thank you card aka “mail”.

IMG_3605 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

They made it through an entire day with out one mess on their new dresses! That is as big of deal as them not changing their outfit 15 times a day! Our washer thanks you too .



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  1. I love your posts!!!! Thank you for taking your precious time for us to see your family! Love your thoughts on Sundays and the Lord’s day! May our Lord bless you!!!!

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