Happy 12th Birthday Conner!

We want to wish Conner a very Happy 12th Birthday! Conner is a young man that makes us all proud every day.  He handles being a big brother, in a chaos filled house, with grace.  He succeeds as Michael and I make a lot of parenting mistakes and learn lot of lessons along the way.  I often think about how kid’s do not come with parenting manuals.  Although, that sure would be helpful sometimes! Somehow, through it all, he has thrived in everything he does: school, sports, music, and most importantly being an honorable person.   It is our job as parents to try to make well rounded people who will eventually lead wholesome lives as good citizens.  As scary as it is to think Conner will be a teenager in only 364 days, 04 hours, and 35 minutes, I know he will continue to flourish.  I feel honored to be able to watch him continue to thrive.  Conner still wants to be an accountant and a basketball player. I pray he has so much success in all he puts his mind and heart into. His smile radiates and fills everyone with joy that he meets. May that smile never fade.  Happy Birthday to the one who made me a Mom and Dad a Dad. We love you!

R1-07059-000A_0001 (2).jpg

R2-07096-0001 (2).jpg

R1-07104-018A (2).jpg

Conner and Gideon look the most alike of all the kids during the toddler years.  Conner was not too sure of his toddler bed at first (pictured above). Can you tell his nursery theme?







114 - Copy.jpg




Conner is still on his annual vacation visiting friends and family. He has a huge birthday party planned for when he returns and he has had a few parties along his travels too. However, we had to sing to him on his actual birthday! See the chaos that ensues whenever a phone is involved.  Everybody but Michael is sick so he is relieved to not have received that “gift” this birthday.


Mom and Dad


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