New Diagnosis + New Doctors + 4 year old well checkups= Quite the day

Since we moved, I really needed to find a new pediatrician close by for the kids.  I try to not take them into the office outside of their well checkups since I can remedy most things at home (perks of being an almost RN). Even still, having one close by is a necessity.  It’s not an easy task to find a pediatrician with so many little ones. When they were babies, our pediatrician would see all of them at the same time.  Most doctors will only see 2 per day, so I have to make 3 visits just to get them seen.  That would not be a huge deal except I have to bring them all with me usually anyways to every appointment.  We have never had a nanny, or an Army of volunteers, and Michael works so I make the best of it. I cringe at the added germ exposure though.  Anyways, this visit was a cake walk compared to any other appointment though! The pediatrician saw all the quints in the same day! Michael was also home to help (he has only made it to 2 other doctors appointments ever and we’ve had hundreds).  I was so grateful since I was recovering from laryngitis and more  (additional info about that is coming in another blog).  The kids all were recovering from an upper respiratory infection.  I was glad, even though this is a well check up, that they could get assessed by the doctor to ensure this respiratory infection was not something more.

The staff was a little overwhelmed when we walked in but they were troopers! They had a system in place and streamlined everything.


First up, the weigh-ins!

Here are the stats! Birth information is in parentheses

Elias 40 lbs 0 oz! (3 lbs 2 oz) Height- 40″

Briella: Weight-36 lbs 6 oz (3 lbs 9 oz) Height- 38.75″

Delilah- 34 lbs 6 oz (3 lbs 11 oz) Height- 40.16″

Aurora: Weight-32 lbs 8 oz (3lbs 5oz) Height- 38.25″

Felicity 32 lbs 2 oz (3 lbs 1 oz) Height 38.5″


We have a 40lb preschooler! I can’t believe how big Elias has gotten! He was in the NICU for 73 days (over double the time of all the girls) and had multiple surgeries. He came home over 2 lbs lighter than the girls. Look at where he was:

@ Cherise Kiel Photography

Next up, vital signs, vision tests, and hearing exams. The kids all passed everything!

Last, we met the new doctor! She gave a very through exam to all the kids and did not find any abnormalities. She was amazed with how healthy they were, how they have graduated from all therapies for over a year now, and what polite chatter boxes they were in the room.  The only concern I had was Aurora. I have suspected for the past few weeks that she may have asthma due to her symptoms. However, I knew this appointment was coming up and she was stable.  The doctor concurred with my suspicions and diagnosed asthma so Aurora now takes daily medication for that.  We will reassess her though frequently since many children outgrow this type.  In the meantime, Aurora loves rubbing it in to the others that, “Aurora ONLY gets special medicine.”

We took the kids to lunch and to run a bunch of errands to complete our busy day.

Check out all the sass, personality, and fun the day had in store for us below:





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