Day 1 of our Alabama Trip to see Michael graduate Officer Training School (OTS)!

Michael has always dreamed of becoming an Officer for The United States Air Force.  He submitted his final assignment to earn his Bachelor degree the night before the quintuplets were born, as they were prepping me for my c-section.  This degree meant a lot to all of us.  He took classes while deployed, he took classes as we moved ten times, and he took classes as he worked 40-80+ hour weeks to accomplish it.  He had a stellar enlisted career with many awards, medals, early promotions, and respect from his fellow Airmen.  He had opportunities to become an Officer earlier in his career but the timing just seemed off.   Now, was as great of time as any since he is halfway to his retirement.  His unit had available flying Officer positions and the kids are older so understand more which helps the transition since it’ll take him away from home for 2 years.

IMG_5324 (2).JPG
Quick picture as we waited at the airport for Grandpa to arrive.

We left on a Wednesday for his graduation.  I took a nursing exam in the morning, rushed home, loaded the van, had the quints go potty, and away we went on our adventure! We picked up my Dad from the airport at noon and kept driving southwest toward Alabama. My Dad served 22 years in the Marine Corps and currently lives in Illinois. He did not want to miss this huge event.  My Mom was in the Marine Corp too. However, she stayed back to keep an eye on our dog, Trixie and have a mini stay-cation.  The kids are use to 31+ hour car trips so 3 hours was pretty easy.  We just stopped halfway for food and for the quints to use the van potty again.

Aurora and Delilah called the bed’s Princess’ Beds and immediately made themselves comfortable!

We headed straight to our hotel.  That’s when the fun started. We were not sure if we could see Michael that night or not so we just kept the kids as busy possible in the hotel room.  This is easier said than done! They normally do not get fruit snacks (I’m a germ, preservative, and sugar minimalist when it comes to our lifestyle).  However, that was their treat food this trip and boy were they happy!

IMG_5334 (2).JPG
Briella and Gideon
IMG_5325 (2).JPG
Felicity told Conner he had to sleep on the floor because the entire bed is hers :).

Michael surprised us and was able to meet up for dinner!  He had a 9 pm curfew so we could not hang out too long.  Texas Roadhouse was the winning choice for the night.

IMG_5379 (2).JPG
Waiting for a table and catching up!

Our waiter and the staff was amazing and spoiled the kids. The entire staff came to see the quints at the table and told us they wanted to celebrate the kids birthdays since it was a few days later.  Needless to say, the kids loved the saddle, singing, ice cream, rolls, and seeing Daddy!

Elias had a lot to catch up on with Daddy.


Michael had just enough time to come and help me set up the kids for the night.  After all, they are seasoned travelers and always BYOB (Bring Your Own Bed).  Even though everybody was exhausted, little sleep was to be had that night since excitement filled the room.

IMG_5416 (2).JPG
The moment you tear up knowing you must be doing something right. Big brother love ❤




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