Our first and last time going to Toys’R’ Us!

The kids have been to Babies ‘R’ Us more times than I can remember for diapers and baby necessities with me.  However, they have not been to a Toys ‘R’ Us before.  When I heard they were going out of business, a little part of me became sad.  When I was a little girl, my parents would weekly take me Toys ‘R’ Us as part of our Saturday errands.  I would not usually get anything but just had a fun time with my family looking at all the things.  It was a simpler time before cell phones, electronics, or gasp the internet distracted family’s.  Anyways with the news, taking the kid’s to Toys “R’ Us before they closed immediately went on my to-do list.  When the extra time arose, during Day 2 of our Alabama Trip to see Michael graduate Officer Training School (OTS)!, and I saw a store, the van went on autopilot there! IMG_5459 (2).JPG

The kids usually are confined in strollers or carts when I am out with them since I am so outnumbered alone with 7 kids.  However, today for the first time, I let the kids run loose in the store!

IMG_5466 (2).JPG

We had no idea what we were getting into but we were ecstatic to see the kid’s reactions! Grandpa wanted to spoil the the quints since their birthday was only 4 days later. IMG_5520 (2).JPG


IMG_5511 (2).JPGIMG_5504 (2).JPG

IMG_5514 (2).JPG

“Yes Ma’am, they are all mine!”

IMG_5550 (2).JPG

6 different car tastes.  A glimpse into the teenage years! Excuse me, as I catch my breathe thinking about all the teenage adventures and car insurance premiums.

IMG_5566 (2).JPG

Have no fear, Conner choose some new sports things, outdoor activities, and video games.

Yes, each child needed at least two new dolls.  They think I’m joking when I say Mommy’s only have one baby at a time usually. #quintperspective

IMG_5574 (2).JPG

“With going out of business deals this awesome! How could I not buy 5 at once?!?” I mean I bought, “maybe one” and got four free! #QuintMomHumor #Mamaonabudget #infertility

Full video here:







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