Have you noticed Michael has been home for a bit?

Michael graduated Officer Training School in June 2018. You can find the fun adventures here at: OTS Graduation.


He had orders to go to his follow on schools in different locations a couple of weeks later. However, there was a sudden halt when a paperwork glitch from years earlier caused him to not be qualified medically for his new position.  This left him in limbo since he could not resume his old position as an enlisted member nor did he have a new Officer position.  This is very scary when he has spent the last ten years almost serving our country and is halfway to his retirement.  Michael was unsure whether to start a new position outside of the military since we had no idea when/if anything would resolve.


These past few months have been very stressful worrying about everything.  We have not had much to report since we have been doing the ‘hurry up and wait’ game.  Michael and his coworkers have been working diligently though since June to get the paperwork issue corrected.  He has even traveled out of state and had a very extensive week long physical to get the issue resolved.  We are so happy to report that it has been resolved fully by headquarters! We are very thankful to our friends who have made this happen.


With his new course dates, Michael will be leaving in November for about two years.  This unexpected time since June has been the longest Michael has stayed in one spot since the quints were born.  We have cherished every second and have made the most of it.  He has been able to experience a lot of milestone events that he normally would have missed (like first days of school).  Michael also realized how much work goes into the family behind the scenes and has a new appreciation for me.


I’m sure there will be a lot of adjustments as the kids get used to Mom’s routine again.  As well as me getting use to juggling, nursing school, work, the house, and everything kids again.  I do feel more prepared than ever going into this though in some ways. We have been able to tackle some of the things on my to-do list that have been there for years!





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