Back in July 2018, I started made some changes…

In preparation for my impending graduation of nursing school in 2019, I redid my resume and gained tips on interviewing.  Since I was 20 weeks pregnant with the quintuplets and an EMT in the Air Force,  I had not worked professionally.  I figured my resume and skills needed a touch-up .  In August, I started applying for some nurse externships and tech jobs.  I applied at a few different hospitals but really had my heart set on working at a local children’s hospital (one of the best in the country).  My dream career is to become a pediatric trauma nurse and eventually a nurse practitioner.  I was really excited when I was asked to participate in two different interviews, by the emergency department at the children’s hospital.  To prepare for the big interview days, Michael and the kids  helped me pick out the perfect outfits! It was the quintuplets and Gideon’s first time visiting a mall!  You can read all about the mall adventures here!

IMG_9058 (2).jpg
Picture of the kid’s interview outfit choice for me, before I did my hair and makeup.

It is an understatement to say I was extremely nervous for the job interviews.  I was definitely out of practice and hoped they would not ask about my family.  I love sharing about them but the thought of their ages can intimidate some ;).  I felt like the interview went well but was still nervous afterwards.  A few days after the interview, I was walking out of a different hospital from a nursing school clinical.  I received great news.  I was offered the job!  I completed orientation and was checked off of a lot of different skills over the next few weeks. I have amazing coworkers and colleagues that are so sweet in sharing their knowledge with me.  I have made some awesome friendships too.  Michael left in November for his first training so it has been a balancing act. You can read about his unexpected delay with leaving for his training HERE. I’ve been working at night 24-50+ hour weeks, taking all seven kids to and from school/activities, and attending nursing school during the day.  I still do at least three loads of laundry a day, prepare meals for our ever growing family, clean our house multiple times a day, and do a lot of fun activities with the kids daily.  Our van broke for good, and we were renting large passenger vans or shuttling kids two at a time places because that was all my Mom’s vehicle could fit.   This is all really challenging when my only consistent daily help is my Mom.  She has been amazing with helping out with the kids when I need a hand, especially at school or work times. She also has been helping Conner with his honor classes and studying with him just to help a bit.  I am happy to report he earned straight A’s last quarter. We have been really grateful for all of her help. I could not do this without my Mom’s help. We have some fantastic family in TX, FL, and IL that we feel blessed every time we see them. We wish they did not live so far away.  They are an amazing emotional support for our family always <3.

IMG_9055 (2).jpg
Picture after my first day. I survived and loved every moment 🙂

Unfortunately, one area that has suffered is my blogging and social media time. I have been taking a lot of footage but have not had time or motivation to piece it all together. I needed a break from it.  I try to never compare kids, situations, etc.  However, it was starting to depress me seeing how hard our family was working to serve others, sacrifices we made of being together for our country, and the struggle to provide basic needs for our family.  At the same time as working on my professional growth, I have been really focusing on my personal growth, happiness, and health.  I have lost over 20 lbs, am working out almost daily, and am no longer depressed.  I have learned to cut out of our life toxic people, prioritize life, how to say, “no”, and to accept my limitations.  I have become a better mother, wife, daughter, and friend because of this personal growth. I do still have anxiety but use it to my advantage. Before you ask, I rarely sleep, live off black coffee, and am constantly doing something. I never really liked coffee before the quints but life changes you.  I look forward to continuing this journey of figuring out who I am again and the steps I need to take to become who I want to be as I get closer to *30* later this year ;). I am ecstatic to graduate this year (with a high GPA) and to pursue many more endeavors. Although, I am hoping to become a nurse in my current department, since the work we do and the people are absolutely incredible.


I am excited to be restarting daily blogging and/or vlogging as of today to cherish the memories and moments that each of our little people bring to our lives. Also, it gives Daddy another method to stay involved in his family’s day-to-day activities.  We love all of you and appreciate your support too!  It is an integral part of our family’s success.




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  1. You truly are an inspiration! I don’t know how you do it. I have 3 young kids and feel like I have no time. And how do you function on no sleep? However you are doing it, you are doing great! Love reading your posts!

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