Happy New Year everybody! Happy 8th wedding anniversary to us!

I can not believe how fast 2018 came and went!  Happy New Year from our family to you!  We hope that 2019 brings you love, prosperity, laughter, hope, and rejuvenation!  We feel blessed to have gotten to know a lot many of you and feel your support thus far. We look forward to this next year of sharing Michael’s graduation from his next training, my graduation from nursing school, and most importantly the amazing milestones of all seven children.

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@The Hoffman Squadron

Christmas Break= Dress yourself everyday.  Conner was playing basketball with his buddy who had a sleepover.  Picture time was not part of their plans ;).


Today also marks our 8 year wedding anniversary!

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Michael and I were married on 1/1/11 @ 1:11 pm.  My hair ran over a little from our 1:00 pm show time but it worked out perfectly. Over the last 8 years we have had many ups and downs.  We have spent over half of our marriage separated by distance, moved more times than I can count, were separated during a high risk quint pregnancy,  welcomed 7 little lives into the world, and lost an Angel daughter.  We have encouraged and supported each other in pursuing dreams and provided hope when the other desperately needed it.  Our marriage has always flourished through everything with Christ, communication, commitment, and compassion.

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We very rarely are together to celebrate on our actual anniversary.  It just happens that way somehow.  We have a tradition of our spending our anniversary at The Melting Pot.  We love the ambiance and food. In addition, regardless of where we have moved, there is always one relatively close.

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This year, Michael could not spend our anniversary at home due to his training. However, we celebrated early when he surprised us with a visit just in time for Christmas. We appreciate my mom watching the kids so we could sneak away to a winery and dinner. I don’t really drink and this was my first winery.  It was an exciting experience!



I can’t wait to see what this next year brings. I have never been more in love with you. Every relationship has obstacles, but I love how we always maneuver through them and are more united in the end. I think it is fitting that the eighth wedding anniversary is the bronze anniversary because it is solid! Our personalities balance each other our like the two metals (copper and tin) that come together to result in a strong combined material.  We are so proud of all of your accomplishments. The kids tell everybody, “Our Daddy drives airplanes.” We are counting down till you are home again. In the meantime, the kids will keep waving at every airplane that flies by as it is, “Daddy’s airplane”.




IMG_3282 (2).jpg
Briella the Bride, is helping Daddy fix the vacuum.  Aurora is helping Gideon with his “lippy’s” aka chap stick.




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