SitterTree saves the day!

I’m about to share with you a moment that recently changed my life! Seriously, SitterTree is my hero!  Recently, we had a major predicament in our house. We gave Grandma tickets to a comedy show at the Fox Theatre.  She really wanted to go to his show for a while so I was ecstatic when I heard he was coming to Atlanta. I knew it would make the perfect early birthday present.  I took the night off of work. I coordinated with Michael to come home for the weekend to hang out with the kids. I even bought us some cute outfits and had a haircut.  I had thought of everything! That was until military life happened. Michael was unable to come home! This devastated all of us. I am really grateful for all my Mom does for us, and wanted a special night to celebrate her. Plus, we never get to do anything fun or without kids.  Needless to say, we had both been looking forward to this night was an understatement.  


I have been a mom for thirteen years now.  For the first time ever, I was asking myself, “who can watch the children?”.  This may not sound like a huge dilemma. However, it is an obstacle every parent I’m sure faces at one time or another.  Then I remembered about meeting SitterTree at a multiples event. SitterTree is an Atlanta babysitting service which specializes in helping families find qualified, safe, caring babysitters for occasional childcare.  No matter your need,  SitterTree has you covered! They specialize in your babysitting needs for mom’s night out, date nights, last minute events, adults only events, after school help, playdates and more!  

The kid’s faces when I said I had nobody to watch them…

I love how SitterTree values safety.  I cringe when I see mom’s on swap sites looking for somebody to watch their kids.  I work in a pediatric ED. I see the after effects of these types of situations and it terrifies me.  That knowledge, is part of why I have never had a babysitter for the kids until now. With SitterTree, safety is one less thing to worry about!  All of their sitters are hand-selected by local coordinators. In addition to an in-person meeting with a coordinator, all sitters are required to clear extensive background checks, including: nationwide, county, sex offender, motor vehicle checks, and more.  Most of the sitters have been reviewed by many families too. 

I did not have to worry about babysitters not showing up or tracking down somebody to babysit. This stability was so refreshing, since our military life is seldom.  That is part of what makes this Atlanta based company so unique. SitterTree utilizes coordinators to recruit, screen and manage a community of sitters so busy parents do not have the hassle.  We all have more pressing issues then trying to spend time calling around to find a sitter. It just keeps getting better!

The kids faces when I said they were having SitterTree babysitters later that night.

Now, to the important details…

How does this Atlanta babysitting service work?

  1. Register.

You can register in five minutes or less. If someone referred you, and you name them when registering, your friend will receive $20 towards their next sitter.  After you register, a coordinator will work on approving your profile ASAP! If you have more questions about the process, you can schedule a call with a coordinator or select “call now” to speak with a SitterTree team member right away. They want to find out more about your family’s needs and desires to find you the perfect match.  I often do most of my business at night when the kids are sleeping. My house is loud during the daytime. I like that SitterTree has a fantastic webpage that I can request sitters, make changes, and more at any time.  If you’d rather make a phone call, they would love talking to you that way too. 

  1. Pricing.

Select one of SitterTree’s monthly subscription plans which gives access to UNLIMITED Sitter Requests. Each sitter request allows you to book one sitter for up to 12 consecutive hours. Plans are billed monthly (no subscription requirements, no annual commitment required)*. 

  • $30 – Monthly* Unlimited Sitter Requests – You select your own sitter
  • $40 – Monthly* Unlimited Sitter Requests – Coordinator selects your sitter

After the job is done, you pay the sitter the set hourly rates. There are no hidden fees or gimmicks! You can also purchase a single Sitter Request for $20. 

If you have more than four children being watched, you will need to make two Sitter Requests.  This allows the most comprehensive and safe care possible.  


  1. A sitter is assigned.

After the request has been made sitters will begin to apply! Based on your subscription plan, either you or SitterTree coordinators will assign a sitter. Your assigned sitter will call or text to confirm the job within 24 hours. You can make requests for your family’s favorite sitters too.

SitterTree fills 99.9% of job requests. SitterTree prefers advance notice to book you a sitter.  However, they understand life happens. Make your request as soon as you know a sitter is needed and they will start finding you a quality sitter! Amazing! 

**Both of the sitter’s reached out to me by phone in under 2 hours! I loved getting the texts and getting to know them a bit.  They really tried to personalize their care for the kids by asking about each of them during this time. I have to admit, I was nervous about leaving the kids for the first time.  When the two sitters arrived a few days later (a little early even so they could make sure allergies, bedtime routines, etc were discussed before we had to leave), I was instantly relieved.  They walked in and had very bubbly personalities. The kids instantly took to them. I went to finish getting ready. When I came downstairs, the kids were doing a STEM learning activity and making telescopes with their new babysitters! The kids were giggling and barely even wanted to pause to give us kisses goodbye. Throughout the night, both of the babysitters texted a few times with sweet updates (they asked ahead of time if I wanted them).  When we arrived back home, the house was spotless, the kids had bath time, and were sleeping! It was the perfect way to come home after a relaxing night out. The kids are still talking about the fun times they had with their new SitterTree friends, Ashley and Jessica! 


  1. Pay your sitter.

SitterTree is cashless! You don’t have to worry about going to the ATM or looking for your checkbook. Your card on file will be charged for the job. So easy! I thought it was great how you could even leave the tip online! I seldom carry cash so it was one less thing to worry about! 

  1. Submit a review.

SitterTree loves to have you share your experience with your coordinator after each job. This is optional.  However, it helps make sure only the best of the best stay with SitterTree. Your sitter rating will be averaged with other family ratings to help coordinators assign only the best sitters. You may also select your “favorite sitters” so they will be contacted first for all future jobs.  That provides continuity of care.  Something that is really important to the kids and myself.

Use code USA19 to receive your first Sitter Request FREE! Visit to register! 


Don’t miss out on life because of needing a sitter! SitterTree has you covered.



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