Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season…

We hope everybody is having a blessed holiday season.  There is no greater feeling than being surrounded by those you love as you celebrate the real meaning of Christmas. We appreciate and care about all of you.

DSC_3708 copy.jpg
Photo credit for all images: Grit and Grace Photography
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The moment Delilah showed her Christmas wish list to Santa that said her number one wish was she wanted every kid to have a present under the tree this year. 

DSC_3820 copy 2.jpg

DSC_3830 copy.jpg

DSC_3835 copy.jpg

DSC_3839 copy.jpg
Very seriously looking for his name on the nice list.  

DSC_3849 copy.jpgDSC_3875 copy.jpg

DSC_3882 copy.jpg

DSC_3909 copy.jpg

DSC_3920 copy.jpg

DSC_3932 copy.jpg

DSC_3944 copy_edited-1.jpg

DSC_3712 copy.jpg

DSC_3968 copy.jpg

Conner really dislikes his picture taken but he jumped in on some of the fun and granted my wish of wanting a family picture.  He is so sweet. Gideon was really nervous about Santa this year.  He loves everything to do with the concept of Santa but meeting him in person is a little intimidating.  Thank you Grit and Grace Photography for capturing this point of our lives and capturing their individual personalities so well.



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