7 kids with a lot of personalities! Personality updates Fall 2020!


Aurora is our household’s self-delicated rule enforcer and is quick to correct others. She is very opinated, sassy, and confident. She can be very helpful when she chooses. “Squeakers” is a feisty strawberry blonde, and is the only blue eyed baby in the quintuplets. She loves being outdoors and always brings a smile to all she meets. Her favorite subject is school is reading. Aurora loves bonfires, Fall, and smores with her siblings. Aurora wants to be a doctor when she grows up.


Briella is very analytical and thoughtful before she speaks. She always is very alert to her surroundings. She loves to play outside on the swing. I always say she is an “old soul” since she is wise beyond her years. She has a laugh that will radiate far. We tease it is “her big belly laugh” since it comes so dar from within. Both Aurora and Briella can be stubborn at times. Bre Bre is the mommy to the group and is always thinking about her siblings. Briella loves reading. Briella wants to be a mommy and teacher when she grows up.


Conner is a rockstar big brother. This year, we have really noticed his independence and confidence rising. Conner loves playing sports, watching sports, and playing xbox while talking with his friends from around the world (military life). He is unsure of what he wants to be when he grows up. However, he knows it will involve math somehow. Spanish and math are his two favorite subjects at school. He is a huge help with keeping his siblings busy. He says they are annoying but I see lots of laughs coming from him as they interact. We have worked very hard to never make him feel different the quints or having to take on the adult responsibilites of having a large family. He loves just being a kid still. Yes, even at 14 years old.

Oh and Dad loves teasing him since they are best buds. You can see Conner is being tickled in the picture. Boys!

Delilah is sweet. She wears her heart on her sleeves. She loves with all of her heart and gets sad easily when her feelings are hurt. She loves coloring, helping, art, math, unicorns, and playing outside. Dee Dee has been a Daddy’s girl since birth. When Michael is home, you will see Delilah attached to his side. She has learned many fix-it tasks and is quite handy because of this. She is quick to help her siblings too. Delilah also goes by Daffy, Daffodil, DD duck, and more. Delilah wants to be a nurse when she grows up.


Elias is our jokester. He is often laughing at his own jokes. Sometimes, he is laughing too hard at them so can’t say them outloud. His laugh is infectious though, so they are still funny. Eli loves to help Daddy out with projects and wearing his work boots. Elias has gotten really tall and is towering over his sisters. When he first came home from the NICU he was so much smaller than they were. It has been incredible to watch. Elias likes to eat all the time and trying new foods. He enjoys the outdoors, reading, and watching “spooky” movies. Although, the spookiest movie he has seen is Casper the Friendly Ghost. Eli wants to be a police officer when he grows up.


Felicity is still our diva. When it is time to do a project or manual labor, you will always find this little one sleeping in her bed. She loves a quiet house, cuddling up with a soft blanket, and naps. Felicity wears dresses most of the time, unless she is playing sports or climbing trees. Felicity goes by the nickname, “Me Me”. This was how her cries always sounded and it seems to fit our little diva. She loves her siblings but I think deep down wished she was an only child at times. Her personality is unique and fun. She is happily content being herself at all times. Felicity prides herself on always using her manners, and being a cuddlebug. Felicity wants to be a unicorn or mermaid when she grows up.


Gideon has the most nicknames of all of our other children combined. This little one feels like he has a whole bunch of mommy helpers constantly around him. He does his best to keep up with the quints, but will strategically play the baby of the family card, when needed. GG has so much personality bundled up. He is a master negotiator for everything. Gideon’s favorite food is, “peanut butter on a spoon”. Although, he eats it spread out on bread or crackers and not the spoon. This guy is tough and strong. He wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

Thanks for following our family as we all continue to grow and mature,


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