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As the family of America’s First Military Quintuplets, we receive regular exposure in the media. Naturally, this also means we get frequent requests from brands who would like to share the limelight.

If you would like to work with us for media appearances, PR, or marketing, please see below for guidelines on how to send us your queries.

Appearances & Features

If you would like to feature us, or would love for us to appear on your show, please forward your query via the contact form below.

Brand Sponsorship

Over the years, we’ve used our platform to gain exposure for brands; especially those with a focus on children and fashion.

We are also especially interested in working with more brands in the food industry, family travel, and health and fitness. However, all brands are welcome to pitch us.

If you would like us to use, review and/or credit your brand in pictures, on Facebook, or in our upcoming Vlogs, please contact us here.

Facebook Posts

Our Facebook audience is highly engaged, and is eager to see the content we share with them every day. Because of this, we can help you drive traffic to your blog or Facebook page.

Please note that all proposals must fit with the content we currently provide. This means it should be related to parenting, family life, or military life.

Keep in mind that we only post a limited amount of these each month and cannot accept every pitch. We love our followers way too much to spam them!

Interested? Pitch us here.



The Hoffman Squadron


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