Wow, the last couple of weeks flew by!

People always say, “How do you do it all?”. I just maximize my time each day and don’t sleep.  The kids all have many extracurricular activities.  Conner is busy with 6th grade things and adjusting to his new school.  I had finals, to write three papers, to create a presentation, and attend school/clinical full time. I am even taking an extra class than my peers to graduate sooner and had many Student Nurse Association things since I am the Vice President! Add into the mix we are trying to sell our house, and recently listed it and you have our life in a nutshell. I have learned over time to be the Master Juggler of life and how to manage my time effectively.  I am a Wife, Mom, daughter, chef, chauffeur, landscaper, student, entrepreneur, maid, and more. I am grateful my Mom has been watching the kids when I have class so that I can keep following my dream of helping to provide for our family.

Here is a brief overview of some of the highlights the last 14 days brought.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Packing up and studying training modules after the kids are sleeping.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Using tweezers to roll sand t-shirts perfectly.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Rolling socks and getting uniforms squared away.

IMG_3184 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

New uniforms, medals, and ranks lined our house. I am glad he is pursuing his dream and opportunities. He also knocked his PT test out of the water. He is running a full minute faster, and got max points for his waist.

IMG_3415 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron
IMG_3564 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

The kids have been inseparable from Michael.  They are use to him frequently being gone so cherish every second he is home.

IMG_3460 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

We had a lunch date. Thanks Mom for watching the kids! First up, Base legal to adult for a bit. Updating our wills, power of attorneys, advance directives, and making sure everything is settled in out house is always a priority.

IMG_3462 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Next up, our special date place, The Melting Pot. We normally only get a real date once a year so enjoy it when we have them.

IMG_3215 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

In between Michael fixing things and packing, he has made sure to spend a lot of time with the kids.   Dress up days are always fun. Can you believe these dresses were mine when I was a little girl? I think Aurora’s puffy sleeves may have given it away.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Art time and Jesus are always winning combinations at our house.

IMG_3432 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

We had a Housewarming/Patient Care Transition Party with my Nursing School friends/Going Away for Michael/Conner have all of his friends sleepover Party.  Yep, it was an all encompassing party.  Both, the kids and adults had a blast seeing so many of our friends and people who supported us on our endeavors together.

IMG_3373 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Afterwards, I adjusted to handling everything again. Yard work at our new house needed to be done.

IMG_3800 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

The kids were eager to keep on with their activities. Adjustments were made to our routine and schedule to accommodate everything. The kids were extra emotional for a few days and still ask about Daddy 1 million times a day.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Conner has enjoyed coming up with fun activities and games to keep everybody busy.  Baking cookies or really anything is always a hit.

IMG_3983 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Elias thought it was his job to take over brushing everybody’s teeth.

IMG_3334 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Trixie took over clean up duty.

IMG_3342 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

The kids have been really into playing house. They rotate who the Mommy, Daddy, and Babies are with each round.  We often have multiple Mommy’s or Daddy’s.

IMG_3666 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

It has finally warmed up here! The kids are outside for hours every day. They LOVE it!

@ The Hoffman Squadron

Keeping busy, makes time go faster.  Doing things together, makes memories.

IMG_3746 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Gideon was out of his toddler bed one night when I went to check on them.  I found him. Boys <3.

IMG_3748 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

The kids try to be sneaky when Daddy is gone and get extra Mommy cuddles.

IMG_3896 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

We went and had a lot of fun at Art by Hearts, a pottery painting store. The kids loved making Keepsakes for Mommy.

@ The Hoffman Squadron
IMG_3898 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

A princess photo shoot with Grit and Grace Photography was so much fun! Make sure to check out and LIKE her page to see the gorgeous masterpieces! She is doing Princess photos for Mother’s Day so do not miss out!

IMG_3964 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Our house was under contract the first day it sold.  Sadly, the deal did not work out. Since we had multiple offers, we contacted another offer and were under contract again within 24 hours. However, that deal fell apart with unexpected financing issues.  So I have been going over to maintain the old house with the kids.

IMG_3968 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron
@ The Hoffman Squadron

The last time I went to check in on things and do yard work, this little guy ran across my foot. Gross! Also, when I pulled up to the house, our garage door and door to the house was wide opened. I checked with the realtor but nobody had entered the house for 4 days.  So, I had to call the police to do a walk through. With all the kids there, I needed to make sure it was safe. Thankfully, it must have just been left open with the last showing as there was no evidence of anything else.  Having to make all the house decisions has been exhausting and stressful.

We have another open house this weekend, Sunday 2-4pm! Find all the MLS details and pictures HERE .

IMG_4006 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

Michael set up his coworkers and friends to frequently come over for guy time with Conner.  He is loving it and they are super sweet with him!  Conner is at a tough age for Michael being gone so long since he wants a guy around.  Although this isn’t the same as Dad, it helps to make the transition easier. This week, Michael earned his first communication with us. 15 minutes of talking to him, put us all in an awesome mood as I caught him up about all the happenings here.

@ The Hoffman Squadron

My cute farm hands.

Their favorite parts were:

Aurora- Raisin, the miniature horse, Briella- the goats, Conner- the BBQ food, Delilah- the pony rides, Elias- the bunnies, Felicity- the chickens, and Gideon- the “boo” truck aka blue truck.

IMG_4075 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron
@ The Hoffman Squadron

We had a blast at our local multiples group visit to Raisin’s Ranch. There were 16 sets of twins and us! The kids even decorated Raisin with bows. She was so patient!

IMG_3379 (2).JPG
@ The Hoffman Squadron

I’m still training for our race this fall. I am increasing speed and distance running with this beast and have lost 5 lbs!

I am halfway through my week long break between semesters. I have been catching up on life. I wanted to get ahead on things but have found that is not going to happen since, I am only human.  There is only one of me at home.  So the best I can do, is get caught up and hang out with these cuties.  Thanks for your love and patience.



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